• I'm writing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tie-in series! Details here:
    To answer some questions:
    No, it won't delay the And I Darken trilogy release dates. Now I Rise is out in June, and book three is already in edits for a summer 2018 release!
    Yes, I am the luckiest.
    Yes, I am freaking out a bit.
    No, I can't give it to you right now because it doesn't exist in draft form yet. You'd have to take my notes (unintelligible) and my brain (decidedly gooey). Better to just wait for fall 2018.
    And finally, yes, I did whisper "I am the Chosen One" to myself when Liesa Abrams asked if I wanted to write this series.
  •  And I Darken was named a top ten book on the ALA Rainbow List. I'm so grateful and proud!

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Rachel Morgan said...

Congrats on this!!! I just read the news on the Riveted blog, and as a long-time fan of yours, I am beyond excited that you're the one writing this spin-off series! Now to wait until fall 2018 ... I can be patient. Sort of ...