Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In The Shadows teaser trailer!

Hello! You look lovely this fine Tuesday morning! You know what else looks lovely? The calendar, which informs us there are only THREE WEEKS LEFT until the release of In the Shadows, my delicious gothic-horror-romance-supernatural-story-in-two-parts novel with artist Jim Di Bartolo!

So, to that end, behold: a teaser trailer! You can see some of the art from the first "prequel" art chapter! Isn't it amazing??

Mad props to Jim for not only his jaw-dropping art, but also all the time he put into making that trailer. (Which I made the mistake of watching with my kids in the room, who were freaked out by the sound effects. "What are you watching?!")

I am so very excited for the twenty-ninth, when we can share the rest with you. Along with that, Jim and I will be at TXLA on Thursday, on the "Other Worlds" panel, at the Tea Time, and signing. We love Texas and we ultra-love librarians, so we hope to see many of you there. Our book will be available early, and we'll have bookmarks!

After that, we'll be at Wondercon in Anaheim on Friday, the 18th, on the What's Hot in YA panel. (Note that it's not "Who's Hot in YA," which would be a very different sort of panel.) And then, on Sunday, the 27th, we're having an early launch party at the Cedar Hills Crossing branch of Powell's in Portland, Oregon.

Can't make it? You can order a signed copy through Powell's! It'll be signed by both of us, and I suspect even doodled in by Jim!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long Overdue Updatery

Hello, friends!

What a crazy couple of months.

My book came out! I went on tour!
I love these ladies--Sophie Jordan, Tahereh Mafi, and Veronica Rossi--and their books! But most of all I love all of you who managed to make it out to one of our stops. It is ALWAYS a joy to meet you and talk books and squee together.

I also hit up some museums in NYC, including this one with an Ancient Egyptian temple in it. This is my ANCIENT EGYPTIAN STUFF face.

Wadjet eyes? WHY YES. I LOVE YOU. I took an obscene number of photos in museums, and someday I'll get around to posting some of them. Someday. Ha ha. Yes. Someday.

In the meantime, because book release and travel and tour and being away from my kids wasn't enough, we went ahead and found our dream tree. So we bought it, along with the house that came on the property. And we moved. Moving! SO MUCH FUN.

 Then my baby brother got married. He must have forgotten he is still five years old in my head.

Then my baby got an ear infection and we discovered his allergy to penicillin. Exciting! He also discovered grass. ADORABLE.

Here he is in the house that came on the property with our tree. We're mostly settled in. We've hit the point where we are living comfortably, and yet the garage is somehow still entirely filled with boxes. WHAT IS IN THEM? I suspect they breed while we aren't looking, and if we open them, it'll just be box after box filled with tiny gestating boxes. Also maybe the beginning of a horror movie?

And here is some of the sky that came along with the tree and the house. It's good sky. We're very pleased with how it worked out.

True story: We have discovered that, while the house on the property does not have an ocean view, the tree we bought does! You just have to climb way, way higher than I am comfortable with. Still, an ocean view tree. We knew that tree was a winner!

As if all of that wasn't exciting enough, I have another book out this month!

Here I am with IN THE SHADOWS, my book with phenomenal artist Jim Di Bartolo. (To quickly correct some accidental misinformation I've seen: it's YA. Jim is not the illustrator, he's co-storyteller and should be credited wherever the book is listed, because it's not my book, it's OUR book. You'll understand when you read it--super, SUPER not just my book. And I am so excited for you to read it!!)

It comes out on April 29th, which is holy cow so soon. I was looking through pictures for this post and realized that it has not even been a year since I had a baby. This will be my third release post-Baby Otter's entrance into the world. Plus buying a house and moving. Plus trying to work on what I'll do next since I have no more books under contract.


But IN THE SHADOWS is something special, and I can't wait for it to go out into the world. Jim and I worked really hard to craft it, and I hope you fall in love with it!

Along with the book release, I will Be Many Places. TXLA! WonderCon! Portland! Please see my "appearances" tab for up-to-date information on where I'll be and when I'll be there and how we can hang out and talk books!

And now I go, to decide whether to a) shower, b) check on the progress of all the little boxes that can't be weaned from their mother boxes yet, or c) work on the next book.

Or d) climb that tree to peek at the ocean.

Monday, March 17, 2014

IN THE SHADOWS Art Sneak Peek!

I know it sounds like an exaggeration when I say there is nothing like In the Shadows, my book with artist Jim Di Bartolo, on the YA shelves right now. But...there is nothing like it! And today I get to show you a sneak peek of just how amazing and unusual it is.

Because it isn't an illustrated novel, and it's not a graphic novel. It's a novel in two parts--one storyline all text, and one all art. Gorgeous, jaw-dropping, FULL COLOR art!

I could go on all day about what a phenomenal talent Jim is, but I will let his art speak for itself. (Because it does! In the whole book!)

My one request--and I didn't have many--was that the main character of Jim's half of the book be swoony. IT WAS FULFILLED.

This was one of the first pieces Jim painted, and thinking about it being in anything other than full color made me want to cry. Scholastic! David Levithan! THANK YOU.
 I want to go to there.
 I don't really want to go to there, though...

Or to there.

But YOU can! You can go to all these places, on April 29th, when In the Shadows is out and you can discover our book for yourself!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Perfect Lies Bonus!

Please see the "Bonus" tab for a little extra Perfect Lies goodness, to thank you all for reading, reviewing, talking, coming to see me on tour, being patient when I STILL haven't mailed things out (oh my gosh I'm the worst, I'm so sorry), etc etc etc.

XOXO x a million,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Gah, so weird. I can't believe it's here. Perfect Lies was such a fun and hard book to write. Here's some trivia: In Mind Games, I originally thought the second POV would be Adam's, not Annie's. And in my original idea for Perfect Lies, I thought the second POV would be James. But, much like when I tried to write Adam as a POV, I couldn't get over the fact that this needed to be a book about the relationship between the sisters, not the relationship between Fia and a love interest.

I still like the idea of writing a short that would trace the history of James and Rafael, how they got to where they are in Perfect Lies. Maybe someday. Until then, as a special release day bonus, I'll share the experimental opening scene for a James POV story.

And again, some more, always: Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the second half of Fia and Annie's story!

Twenty Years Ago
She reads him Greek tragedies for bedtime stories.
            He puts on his favorite pajamas, always laid out on the bed by the maid. Everything smells like the bubblegum peppermint of his toothpaste, except when she hugs him and his nose fills with the sharp tingling flower scent of her perfume. She lets him jump on the bed precisely five times before grabbing his ankles mid-jump and giving him that wild, terrifying rush of falling before being safely caught by the mattress.
            She makes him tell her the best part of his day as she tucks the blankets tightly, and she tells him hers, which is always the same: him.
            Her favorite story to read is Cassandra; only later will he realize that she wrote this version herself. He giggles when Cassandra falls asleep in the temple and the snakes lick her ears and give her the gift of prophecy, imagining slippery reptile tongues cleaning out his own ears. Sometimes when his ears are being washed he pretends the washcloth is a snake and he’ll be like Cassandra and start hearing the future. But by the point in the story where Cassandra goes mad because no one will listen to her prophecies he has usually lost interest, most often fallen asleep.
            The story always ends with the same line: Cassandra saw a future that destroyed everyone she loved, and she could do nothing to change it.
            If he is still awake, he puts a small hand on his mother’s cheek and tries to make her look at him, but she stares further away than he can see, and she looks impossibly sad, and it scares him. That’s why he likes to fall asleep before the end of the story.

Friday, February 14, 2014



Man, oh man. I'll admit, I didn't know what they were going to do for this one. I gave them a book with a historical fantasy setting based on Edwardian England (but not actually Edwardian England). So it had magic, but also a recognizable setting. Fancy dresses! Teacups! Bewitched birds! And, at the center of it all, Jessamin, a girl feeling very small and alone in a country far, far from the beautiful island she'd grown up on. They had to come up with a cover that somehow captured all of that.


Anyway. Gah. So gorgeous. And that tagline kills me. Thank you, HarperTeen and my designer Michelle Taormina, for once again working your cover magic!

It doesn't come out until September, but here, have a blurb from Stephanie Perkins, internationally bestselling author of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door:

Illusions of Fate is an absolute delight—a magical, sparkling, dangerous world with witty repartee and a romance that will light your heart on fire. Kiersten White’s best yet.”


Moving onto the next exciting thing:

You can read all of Mind Games online for FREE until Monday! That's right--the entire book. Snuggle in with your laptop or tablet and read away. It's a fast read, and you'll be done just in time for Perfect Lies coming out on Tuesday! No waiting, and, since it's a duology, no cliffhangery second book.

That's it for now. But this weekend look for some fun Perfect Lies extras! And don't forget to come see me next week if you're near NYC, DC, Nashville, or New Orleans!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Another HERE IS INFORMATION PLEASE HAVE IT post. I will have FUN THINGS coming up for you soon, though, to celebrate Perfect Lies!

Which is out next week!

Which how did that happen!

Which what is time and why does it keep slipping slipping into the future!

Onto business, that, while being business, is nonetheless exciting:

Next week I will be in NYC (Tuesday!), DC (Wednesday!), Tennessee (Thursday!), and New Orleans (Friday!). I'm part of the Dark Days tour with Tahereh Mafi, Veronica Rossi, and Sophie Jordan. (Bonus guests Ransom Riggs in NYC and Claudia Gray in New Orleans!)

If you can, I'd love for you to come to one of the signings. I'll admit, I'm panicking and on the verge of tears just thinking about leaving my eight-month-old for a week. Seeing some of you lovely people would be a delightful distraction from my separation anxiety. (He'll be fine--I'm the one with attachment issues. Go figure.)

Also, please do me a favor: If we've chatted on Twitter, or you're a longtime blog follower, please tell me who you are and how we know each other! I'm absolute rubbish at recognizing people in real life, and signings are always slightly overwhelming, so I tend not to put things together as easily as I would normally.

Cover Reveal!
On Friday, because I love you and it is a day to celebrate love, I'm doing a special, live spreecast with Epic Reads to reveal the cover of Illusions of Fate (out this September)! It's so, so gorgeous. Which should not come as a surprise, given my track record of gorgeous covers. But still.

We'll also be talking about a super awesome Mind Games and Perfect Lies thing happening this weekend as well as taking questions, so you'll for sure want to tune in!

Some Other Thing I'm Definitely Forgetting But Should Tell You About!
If I remembered, though, I'd change the heading. So, how about: Hi! I like you! You are interesting and kind and have so much to offer everyone around you. I hope they realize that, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

I think that's it? Be back soon with some Mind Games and Perfect Lies goodies, including a Fia short short story, and...an alternate opening from back when I toyed with doing a James POV!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Year That Was, The Year That Is

So. 2013.


In 2012, I wrote four novels. In 2013, I wrote zero. In 2012, Endlessly came out, completing the Paranormalcy trilogy. In 2013, Mind Games and The Chaos of Stars came out. In 2012, I wrote like a fiend. In 2013, I edited like a...rather more exhausted and definitely less fiendish thing.

In 2012, I finally came to terms with not having any more kids and embraced my life as a mother of two. In 2013, we welcomed another baby.

In 2012, I traveled to the UK and visited dear friends across the country. In early 2013, I had a book release, house guests, and a son who developed a sudden phobia of eating. (Yes. Eating.) I got stress hives so bad I screamed in the car on the way to the doctor. I had gestational diabetes and had to apply all my (exceptionally well-honed) powers of obsession to controlling my diet. I toured while pregnant and increasingly large. I had major surgery to extract 6 lbs 3 oz of baby perfection from my abdomen. I didn't sleep.

And didn't sleep.

And didn't sleep.

In 2013 I realized I could control very little about my life and, rather than risk stress hives ever again, I decided to be okay with that. I pulled my family close and snuggled in.

So 2014 is about being okay with things being out of my control. It's about accepting change with as much grace as I can muster.

It's also about choosing to change the things I can control, like my hair.


Well. I mean, hair is already dead cells anyway. But I am in control of just how much of those dead cells I have to manage. (Right now the other foot + of hair is sitting in a bag on my counter. It makes me feel vaguely serial killer-ish.)

2014 is about celebrating the things worth celebrating. Perfect Lies comes out in February. It was a beast of a sequel to structure and write, and I'm so proud of how it turned out. I'll be on tour in February (New York, DC, Nashville area, and New Orleans!). I hope I'll see some of you, because you are worth celebrating with.

In the Shadows comes out in April. Jim Di Bartolo, my partner in crime and fiction, is worth celebrating, too. I'm so excited for this truly unique book to hit the world, and proud to be a part of it. We'll see some of you in Texas, and maybe elsewhere.

And then in September comes Illusions of Fate. This book was a draft of joy. In early 2012 I was tired and shell-shocked and needing a break. Out of nowhere came a book about magic and manners and Capital-L Love. I can't wait for you to read it. I can't wait to show you the gorgeous cover and talk more about it. I can't wait to...well, actually, I suppose I can wait because I have two books between now and then. So. Wait we must. But I have first pass pages, and LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY. Man oh man.

I hope your 2013 was kind. I hope your 2014 bursts with joy and fulfillment. I hope your days are brimming with people and projects that make you feel the best and most you possible.

As for me, I'm greeting 2014 like the friend I hope it will be. Exciting, maybe occasionally aggravating, but always worth embracing. And if this particular friend is unpredictable, well, I'll look at that as fun rather than terrifying.

Unless that friend asks to borrow my car, in which case, umm it's a year, what does it need a car for?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MIND GAMES Paperback + eBook Sale + FREE Short Story!

Hi, friends. I miss you. I miss me, too. But slowly (slowly, slowly, s l o w l y) the Baby Otter is starting to sleep and I'm starting to see the return of Being a Person.

 Today! Today is exciting. Today is the release of the MIND GAMES paperback! It's pretty. It's paperbacky. It has a bonus short story AND a sneak peek at PERFECT LIES in the back! It makes an excellent gift, hint hint. (For someone on your list. Not for me. I have, like, forty of them. Please don't give me MIND GAMES for Christmas.)

But wait, you say, I just really like eBooks. Well then, good news! The eBook is on sale right now for just $1.99 on any platform! That is, like, half a cup of coffee/hot chocolate depending on your preference.

But wait, you say, I already own MIND GAMES (bless you!), but I want to read the short story! Well then, good news! The short story, "Annie and Fia," is available as a free download! And if you haven't read MIND GAMES it's a great introduction to the world. The perfect place to start so you can be all caught up when PERFECT LIES comes out in February. After all, Booklist just called PERFECT LIES "smart and suspenseful," and they are a list about books so they know of which they speak.

(I also got reviewed in Kooklist, and they gave me five stars!)

(Kooklist doesn't exist.)

(But it should.)

(I would be the cover model.)

Ahem. So. I hope your November was kind and your December warm and hopeful. Thank you, as always, for reading.


(Or just whichever one is the hug letter, because I don't really think we should all be kissing each other on account of it being cold season and all.)

Monday, November 4, 2013


...my very first collaboration! With Artist Extraordinaire Jim Di Bartolo!

I don't even know what to say about this book. Or what I can say right now, as we like to keep things shrouded in mystery. What does a shroud of mystery look like?, you might wonder. Mystery is tinged in blue, although in certain lights looks a deep red. It is the last remnants of fog blowing in from the ocean, clinging to the landscape, obscuring reality so that the familiar suddenly becomes unknown. Mystery, quite frankly, looks very good on this book. In fact, mystery looks like THIS:

GAH. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUSNESS. I want to pet it. I want to print it off as a king-sized bedspread and curl up underneath it. Imagine the dreams you'd have!

But as gorgeous as that cover is (and it is. so. gorgeous!), it's nothing compared to what awaits you inside the covers.

I will say the following:
  • Jim Di Bartolo is an incredibly gifted artist and a phenomenal talent, and is a joy to work with. We aren't author and illustrator, we're storyteller and storyteller. He's the coolest! You should know him. Creating something with him has been a dream of mine since I first saw his work in Blackbringer, Silkslinger, and Lips Touch (all with the inimitable Laini Taylor). I'm so, so fortunate! 
  • In the Shadows is unlike anything else I've ever written, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I only told half the story.
  • Along with that, I can say utterly without hyperbole that this book is unlike anything else on the YA shelves right now.
  • David Levithan, our wonderful editor, is awesome and I really hope he has forgotten about the first two times we met, one of which involved me bursting into tears. (David, don't read this blog post.) David and Scholastic have been amazing and I'm beyond thrilled they had the same vision for this book that Jim and I did.
  • And that vision? FULL COLOR ART.
  • Again: FULL COLOR ART. I cannot emphasize enough what a treat you are in for...
So, What is this book??, you might ask. Is it a graphic novel? Is it an illustrated novel?

It is neither. Think more along the lines of Hugo Cabret meets Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. And get excited.

Get very excited.

After all, you only have to wait until April 29th to read it!

(And while you wait, go buy a shroud of mystery. I hear they're totally hot this season.)