Monday, March 17, 2014

IN THE SHADOWS Art Sneak Peek!

I know it sounds like an exaggeration when I say there is nothing like In the Shadows, my book with artist Jim Di Bartolo, on the YA shelves right now. But...there is nothing like it! And today I get to show you a sneak peek of just how amazing and unusual it is.

Because it isn't an illustrated novel, and it's not a graphic novel. It's a novel in two parts--one storyline all text, and one all art. Gorgeous, jaw-dropping, FULL COLOR art!

I could go on all day about what a phenomenal talent Jim is, but I will let his art speak for itself. (Because it does! In the whole book!)

My one request--and I didn't have many--was that the main character of Jim's half of the book be swoony. IT WAS FULFILLED.

This was one of the first pieces Jim painted, and thinking about it being in anything other than full color made me want to cry. Scholastic! David Levithan! THANK YOU.
 I want to go to there.
 I don't really want to go to there, though...

Or to there.

But YOU can! You can go to all these places, on April 29th, when In the Shadows is out and you can discover our book for yourself!