Tuesday, December 3, 2013

MIND GAMES Paperback + eBook Sale + FREE Short Story!

Hi, friends. I miss you. I miss me, too. But slowly (slowly, slowly, s l o w l y) the Baby Otter is starting to sleep and I'm starting to see the return of Being a Person.

 Today! Today is exciting. Today is the release of the MIND GAMES paperback! It's pretty. It's paperbacky. It has a bonus short story AND a sneak peek at PERFECT LIES in the back! It makes an excellent gift, hint hint. (For someone on your list. Not for me. I have, like, forty of them. Please don't give me MIND GAMES for Christmas.)

But wait, you say, I just really like eBooks. Well then, good news! The eBook is on sale right now for just $1.99 on any platform! That is, like, half a cup of coffee/hot chocolate depending on your preference.

But wait, you say, I already own MIND GAMES (bless you!), but I want to read the short story! Well then, good news! The short story, "Annie and Fia," is available as a free download! And if you haven't read MIND GAMES it's a great introduction to the world. The perfect place to start so you can be all caught up when PERFECT LIES comes out in February. After all, Booklist just called PERFECT LIES "smart and suspenseful," and they are a list about books so they know of which they speak.

(I also got reviewed in Kooklist, and they gave me five stars!)

(Kooklist doesn't exist.)

(But it should.)

(I would be the cover model.)

Ahem. So. I hope your November was kind and your December warm and hopeful. Thank you, as always, for reading.


(Or just whichever one is the hug letter, because I don't really think we should all be kissing each other on account of it being cold season and all.)