Monday, November 4, 2013

In Which I Am SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE... very first collaboration! With Artist Extraordinaire Jim Di Bartolo!

I don't even know what to say about this book. Or what I can say right now, as we like to keep things shrouded in mystery. What does a shroud of mystery look like?, you might wonder. Mystery is tinged in blue, although in certain lights looks a deep red. It is the last remnants of fog blowing in from the ocean, clinging to the landscape, obscuring reality so that the familiar suddenly becomes unknown. Mystery, quite frankly, looks very good on this book. In fact, mystery looks like THIS:

GAH. LOOK AT THAT GORGEOUSNESS. I want to pet it. I want to print it off as a king-sized bedspread and curl up underneath it. Imagine the dreams you'd have!

But as gorgeous as that cover is (and it is. so. gorgeous!), it's nothing compared to what awaits you inside the covers.

I will say the following:
  • Jim Di Bartolo is an incredibly gifted artist and a phenomenal talent, and is a joy to work with. We aren't author and illustrator, we're storyteller and storyteller. He's the coolest! You should know him. Creating something with him has been a dream of mine since I first saw his work in Blackbringer, Silkslinger, and Lips Touch (all with the inimitable Laini Taylor). I'm so, so fortunate! 
  • In the Shadows is unlike anything else I've ever written, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I only told half the story.
  • Along with that, I can say utterly without hyperbole that this book is unlike anything else on the YA shelves right now.
  • David Levithan, our wonderful editor, is awesome and I really hope he has forgotten about the first two times we met, one of which involved me bursting into tears. (David, don't read this blog post.) David and Scholastic have been amazing and I'm beyond thrilled they had the same vision for this book that Jim and I did.
  • And that vision? FULL COLOR ART.
  • Again: FULL COLOR ART. I cannot emphasize enough what a treat you are in for...
So, What is this book??, you might ask. Is it a graphic novel? Is it an illustrated novel?

It is neither. Think more along the lines of Hugo Cabret meets Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. And get excited.

Get very excited.

After all, you only have to wait until April 29th to read it!

(And while you wait, go buy a shroud of mystery. I hear they're totally hot this season.)