Friday, June 14, 2013

MIND GAMES eBook Deal + Sequel Cover Reveal!

Oh hello! Today is VERY EXCITING. Even worthy of ABUSING ALL CAPS, and that is very exciting indeed!

First, Amazon is featuring Mind Games as part of their summer reading promotion. This means it is $1.99 for the Kindle! That is less than the cost of two candy bars, AND I can personally guarantee my book contains NO CALORIES WHATSOEVER.

But wait, you have a Nook/iPad/other eReader? GOOD NEWS. It is $1.99 on all eBook platforms! THIS IS VERY, VERY AWESOME.

It is especially important for you to read Mind Games if you haven't had a chance to, because you can't read the sequel until you've read it. And considering the sequel has one of the hottest kissing scenes I've ever written (okay, okay, fine, it's THE hottest kissing scene I've ever written), you really ought to be ready for it.

But wait, you say, what is the sequel even called? What does it look like? IS THE COVER AMAZING?

Allow me to answer your questions:

Perfect Lies! Coming February 18th. I love how well this cover goes with Mind Games, and I extra especially love the background images of this one. One in particular is crucial to the plotline, which delights me to no end. My cover designer, Michelle Taormina, is incredibly talented and does such a phenomenal job of representing my stories in drop dead gorgeous covers!

And here's the whole jacket in all its glory:

Sooooooo pretty. And I totally teared up a bit seeing the images of five--FIVE--book covers under my bio. Granted, I am more than a bit hormonal right now (please see previous post), but seriously, I am so very, very lucky.

And my books are so very, very pretty, and I can't wait for Perfect Lies to join the gang!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Announcing the long-awaited completion to my personal trilogy:

6 pounds, 3 oz. Like his mom, he enjoys beating deadlines and showed up three weeks early.

We are very in love and very, very blessed.