Monday, January 21, 2013

The Massive Mind Games Pre-order Contest!

I'll admit, coming out with a new book after a series is...a little scary. Will people like it? Will your awesome readers accept you writing something very different? Will the nail polish you bought to match the cover go with your signing outfits?

Serious questions here, folks.

But along with the worries comes the EXCITEMENT. I am so very, very excited to bring you on a new, darker adventure. To introduce you to Fia and Annie, two exceptional sisters. To introduce you to James. Ahem.

I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your continued readership and support. I wanted to do a contest. A BIG contest. But more than that, I wanted to make sure that everyone who supported MIND GAMES by preordering the book got a personal token of my appreciation.

So, first and foremost, if you preorder MIND GAMES and fill out the form below, you will receive a signed bookmark normally available only at my signings. And by you, I mean everyone who preorders and enters.


(Never fear: I am totally drafting Hot Stuff to help me address envelopes.)

And while everyone gets a signed bookmark, US residents are also entered to win other prizes!

THREE people will win an unsigned hardcover Paranormalcy trilogy, courtesy of my fabulous publisher, HarperTeen!

TWO people will win a signed, personalized hardcover Paranormalcy trilogy.

And ONE person will win a signed, personalized hardcover Paranormalcy trilogy, a signed, personalized copy of MIND GAMES, an iPod shuffle (in Fia's Eyes Blue), an iTunes giftcard, and a handwritten, never-released, available nowhere else playlist that I used extensively while writing MIND GAMES and its sequel!

The rules are simple. Preorder MIND GAMES from your favorite retailer (Barnes and Noble! Amazon! Indies! Book Depository! Ebook version and the audiobook totally count, too!) by FEBRUARY 17th. No entries after February 17th will be counted. After you have preordered, come back here and fill out the form letting me know you did so. Taa-daa! Instant bookmark! And you're entered for a chance to win one of the other prizes, too!

I do not require proof of purchase in the form of an emailed receipt for every entry. I trust you all to be awesome, and everyone knows honesty is the awesomest policy. However, if you do win one of the big prizes, I will ask you to email a copy of the receipt that matches the date you entered, just to verify since those prizes have a cash value.

NOTE: The prizes for this contest are not open internationally, because of issues with taxes/tariffs on mailing gifts. But if you are international and preorder either MIND GAMES or SISTER ASSASSIN (the UK/AUS/NZ edition), you are absolutely entitled to a signed bookmark and I am more than happy to send one your way!

So, go forth! Preorder! Enter the contest! And through it all, please know how very deeply I appreciate your willingness to lend me your imagination for a few hundred pages. It is one of the greatest privileges of my life.

*CONTEST CLOSED* Thank you for all the entries!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The MIND GAMES Trailer!

Hello, lovelies! The MIND GAMES trailer, along with a surprise excerpt, is available exclusively on USA Today's Happy Ever After blog!

Go check it out, and then squee with me!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winners! Plus THURSDAY!

Sorry for the delay. My only excuse is that I am in the middle of not one, not two, but three book deadlines. So...yeah. Tired.

But I was so happy to see so many teachers and librarians enter the contest! The winners are... Actually I just realized they might not be comfortable with me posting their names, since the entry form was anonymous. So! Winners will be receiving email from me later today.

In the meantime, I have something VERY COOL AND EXCITING, also having to do with Mind Games, for you coming on Thursday. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Full Shelves Make Happy Schools (Contest)

Oh, hi! I have several ARCs of Mind Games, just sitting in a stack on top of my other stacks of books. I was agonizing over what to do with them, what sort of contest to hold, when I came across a tweet from a teacher who personally stocks books in her classroom. She loans them to her students, who read them, then share them and fight over them and talk about them, creating an environment where reading is a social activity.

So. Much. Awesome.

I love that teachers have personal libraries they let their students borrow from. I also love that librarians have...well, actual libraries that they care for and stock for students. My high school had one seriously sucky library, and for an avid reader thirty minutes from the nearest library, that was disappointing.

In the end, I decided I wanted to put five ARCs into the hands of people who put them into the hands of teenagers. So! If you are a US-based teacher of middle school or high school and have a classroom lending library, or if you are a librarian in a middle school or high school, this contest is for YOU!

(Seriously. Those are the only people who can enter. Sorry.)

*Please note that Mind Games contains more serious content than the Paranormalcy series. It's darker and skews a bit older [some underage drinking, violence, references to sex but no actual sexual content]. If your students have read Hunger Games, then I'd have no problem giving it to them as it's definitely not as intense. If they aren't ready for that maturity-wise, I'd hold off for a year or two.

To enter, simply fill out the form below. Your information is private, and in a week (January 10th) I'll announce five winners! Good luck!

If you do not qualify to enter this contest, never fear: February brings the release of Mind Games and also a Very Big Preorder Contest. Huzzah!

Raise the Rent

Edited: Please note that this is not intended to be a post about mental illness. It is a post about letting outside critical voices in. I take mental health issues very seriously, and would never imply that serious struggles with depression or other mental illness can be dealt with simply deciding not to feel that way.

You have a space that is yours and yours alone. It's the one behind your eyes, between your ears, smashed into a relatively small, gloopy mess of gray matter but able to extend beyond yourself, beyond your life, into the very universe. It can absorb anything it is presented with. It can learn to think and speak in other languages--math, art, storytelling, movement--and it can learn how to think outside of itself.

You sometimes rent that space out to other people for fun things, like music or movies or books or opinions, things that in their own way expand the space and make room for new ways to decorate it.

But occasionally something slips in, destructive, seeping, something that collapses your space in around itself until it is small and huddled, looking inward instead of outward.

These aren't renters so much as squatters. They sneak in when you aren't paying attention, and then they stay, refusing to leave, sneering at your attempts to reason with them. You feel powerless and small, realizing that this space you thought was yours is so easy to violate.

The voices dominating the space, ringing around in it, are not your own, but that makes them all the more powerful, louder still. And the very worst ones, the cruelest and hardest to ignore, sometimes sound just like you.

Kick them the crap out.

There are no eviction laws for your head, no waiting periods, no termination notices. If a voice takes a space in your head and fills you with ugliness or doubt or pain--no matter what the source of that voice is--TAKE BACK THAT SPACE. Banish that voice forever. You don't have to let it live there. If you need help, don't be afraid or ashamed to get it.

I think we forget how much permission we give to those voices in our heads, how sometimes we even seek them out. We invite them in, we waive our pre-qualification form, we discount the rent. We ask them to sit down for tea, and we know--we know--how we will feel as they slowly begin to poison the tea, smash our prettiest service set, and tear down our inner spaces until everything we've built feels small and ugly and worthless.

Yet we invite them in time and again. Why do we do that?

In the new year, take stock of the space in your head. Decide which areas need emptying, which ones need redecorating, which ones delight you to dwell in.

And remember: that space is yours. Raise the rent on it. You're worth it.