Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Which I Tender my (Temporary) Resignation

First of all, thank you so much for sharing my cover excitement! I love love love ENDLESSLY's cover, and it makes everything so much more fun when you do, too! But obviously that is not what this post is about. Unless I have begun assigning random, nonsensical titles. (Which I wouldn't put past myself, really.)

The other night I sat on the couch next to my husband, laptop in my lap as usual.

"Is there a pattern?" Hot Stuff asked.


"Is there a pattern? You keep clicking through the same pages. I was just wondering if you go in a specific pattern."

And...yeah. He was right. Click, click, click, click, click, click, start over. It makes no sense. It accomplishes nothing. It used to be that blogging and tweeting and reading and finding things online fed me creatively. They spurred me on, encouraged me, challenged me.

Lately? I'm spinning in circles, clicking clicking clicking without ever changing anything. It's not that the internets have changed (oh, internets, you never do change, do you?); it's that I have. Or maybe that I haven't. Whatever it is, I'm a bit stuck right now. I'm not finding inspiration here, but I just keep looking and looking and looking anyway.

So, I'm declaring this NoNoNetMo. November No Net Month. Aside from checking email a couple of times a day for professional things, I'm going to take a big step back. A huge step back. A scary step back. I used to find so much joy and entertainment in blogging. I hope to get there again. But in the meantime I'm going to look elsewhere. I'm going to watch movies and listen to music and read boatloads of books and do things to feed myself creatively. I'm going to stop doing the things I know are draining me.

I used to think, "If I don't post anything, no one will care!" But I'll admit it's kind of a relief to realize that no one will care if I don't post anything. I won't lose any readers; people won't forget I exist. I'll take my month, you'll get along just fine, and think of how refreshed we'll all be when we meet back up again!

As always, thank you for being here. Thank you for reading my blog, and enjoying my writing, and supporting my career. I'm so incredibly grateful for all of you. And I'm going to take this month to refocus and wallow in gratitude for the freaking amazing life I have.

Until then, all best,


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well, Hello, You ENDLESSLY Gorgeous Cover, You!

I'm going to write stuff here that you are going to completely ignore as you frantically scroll down to see what the cover looks like.

I would do the same thing. So...





Fine, fine. Here it is:

You guys, I love it. I love it I love it I love it. I love that Evie looks like she is about to smile, and that the clouds above her are lighter than the ones around her (you should see the back image!). I love her dress (OH MY GOSH HER DRESSES THEY CONTINUE TO KILL ME), and her awesome-and-oh-so-Evie shade of lipstick. I love her hair (AGAIN OH MY GOSH HER HAIR), and the flowers in the foreground, and the color of the lettering. I love the purple!! THE PURPLE. I'll get to add purple pens to my pink and red stash! Oh, HarperTeen, you make my color-coordinating heart so happy.

I will admit I have had this cover lined up with the covers for PARANORMALCY and SUPERNATURALLY on my computer screen, and I've just been...staring. Three covers. My trilogy. Evie's story, complete, all dressed up and ready to go. It makes me happy and it makes me sad but mostly it just makes me wonder how the crap I got this lucky. Both for being three-for-three on jaw-droppingly gorgeous covers (HARPERTEEN MARRY ME I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOU), and for the fact that my name is on these books, that it's really happened, that this incredible, unexpected, phenomenal journey continues to exceed my expectations.

I love Evie. I love this book. It's maybe my favorite of the three (SHH DON'T TELL THE OTHER TWO OR THEY WILL FEEL BAD), and I am so excited for you to find out how everything comes together for the end(lessly) on July 24th. Which feels very far, but it will pass quickly and at least we have the cover while we wait!

Oh, go ahead and scroll back up to stare. You know you want to.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Monster Calls (and You Should Answer)

This is one of those books that renders me stupid with awe. I bought it on the twitter recommendation of Holly Black (whose taste in books I nearly always agree with, because she is brilliant), thinking it would make a good Halloween read. The illustrations reminded me of those old Scary Stories books I used to read in elementary school that scared the crap out of me.

Then I made the mistake of reading it while spending Sunday afternoon at my in-laws'. And folks, this is not a Scary Story book.

This is one of the most affecting, beautifully written, powerful books I have ever read. I had to keep putting it down because it was hitting me so hard. And then I had to leave the room in a very big hurry so that everyone wouldn't see me burst into tears. (Making me cry is pretty much the biggest badge of honor a book can earn. I have such a hard time losing myself in books to begin with that to be able to be affected so much I cry is pretty much a once-every-few-years occurrence. In fact, the last book I remember making me cry was THE BOOK THIEF, by Markus Zusak, another one of my permanent recommendations.)

A MONSTER CALLS is about a boy dealing with his very sick mother, absent father, schoolyard bullies, and, oh yeah, the giant yew tree that comes alive every night like a thing of nightmares and wants something from him he's too terrified to even think about. I'm not going to tell you more than that. I want you to discover it for yourself.

This is a book written for young teens that manages to somehow be accessible and appropriate for them as well as deeply meaningful for adults. I would hate Patrick Ness for being so amazing, but I just love this book so much I can't bring myself to be anything but grateful that people like him exist and have the talent and skill with words and story to create something like this.

It's made my very short list of favorites and permanent recommendations. You should read it.