Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Love Eavesdropping

Now, don't get me wrong--not eavesdropping on important or private conversations. I just like listening to people having conversations in public. It's always fun when you aren't getting the whole story. Teenagers are great, but little kids? Even better.

Maybe ten-year-old kid to much smaller kid. "Really? You're only five? Man, that sucks. I'm twelve."

I wish I could have conversations like that. "Man, you're only eighteen? Dude, that's awful. I'm twenty-five." (Insert cocky half-smile here, because really, age is an accomplishment!)

Then there were two adorable little five-year-old girls. Both dressed up in their halloween costumes, they shouted, "Let's go to our castle! It's PROBLEM SOLVING TIME!"

Now, at first glance, that's adorable. But if you think about it, it's a little disturbing. Where is the violence? Where is the conflict? Gone are the great "Kill the badguy!" cartoons of my youth. They've been replaced with intelligent and age-appropriate cartoons that focus not on conflict but on problem solving. So in a way, it's fantastic. But it also makes me a little sad. Because going to Problem Solving Castle? Just not nearly as much fun.