Oh, hi! You're cute. I like you. Scroll down for my event policies. Scroll...not down for my upcoming events.


Virtual Events for The Camelot Betrayal!

First up:

Launch with Mysterious Galaxy! Tuesday, Nov 10th, at 7 PM PT. Register here: Mysterious Galaxy has signed copies of The Camelot Betrayal (and most of my other books!) available now!

Next up:

Hanging out with Stephanie Perkins and Astoria Bookshop! Saturday, Nov 14th, at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET. Register here, and attend our absolute lovefest: Astoria Bookshop has copies with signed, custom bookplates! (Designed by my son to compliment the cover.)

Immediately after, jump over to YallWrite! From 2 PM PT/ 5 PM ET I'll be on a panel all about writing for existing universes. Register here: and check out the full, delightful lineup here: Check out the YallWrite store at for copies with signed custom YallWrite bookplates!

And then:

On Wednesday, November 8th, join author Wendy Loggia as I interview her all about her delightful new Christmas rom-com, All I Want for Christmas, at 5 PM PT/ 7 PM CT / 8 PM ET. Details here: Fun fact: Wendy is also my editor, so I'm giddy over getting to chat author-to-author with her! Blue Willow Bookshop will have signed bookplates for any orders of Wendy's book and my books, as well!


Unless the store has a different policy, I will sign as many books you bring. However, I do ask that you purchase a book from the host bookstore out of respect for their work in putting on the event. Some bookstores may require a ticket or a purchase in order to join the signing line. Please contact the store you plan attending beforehand, as I rarely have that information.

If the line is excessively long, I may have to limit how many books are personalized, but I'm VERY FAST so this rarely happens.

Event organizers: I am always open to attending festivals, libraries, conferences, and/or schools. Because the cost in both time and money, I ask that my travel expenses be paid, along with an honorarium where appropriate/budget allowed. (I do not make exceptions to the cost of travel request.)

I am happy to do school visits with presentations tailored to either high school or middle school audiences. For conferences or festivals, I'm open to workshops, panels, and particularly keynote speeches. If you haven't heard me cheerfully diss Percy Shelley and Lord Byron in the middle of a deeply informative presentation on women and genius, well, you are missing out.

If you would like to contact me about potentially doing an event, please email (Emails about other things will not receive replies. I'm sorry. I still like you.)