Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello, friends!

We now have only two months (TWO MONTHS!!) until And I Darken comes out. I can’t quite believe it. This is the longest I’ve ever had from idea-to-published-book. It doesn’t quite feel real. But this massive, brutal, very different book has already accomplished something none of my other books have! …which I can’t quite tell you about yet, but soon.

In the meantime, two exciting things:

1. I’ll be at YallWest this weekend! April 30-May 1st. If you can get to LA, you definitely should. It’s basically the biggest book party of the year. I’ll be on two panels and signing on Saturday, and then on Sunday I’ll be EATING CUPCAKES WITH YOU along with several other suuuuuuuper cool authors, thanks to First In Line and Random House! I’m so excited. I hope I see you!
2. Are you an aspiring writer? Would you like to come to a retreat where you can connect with other aspiring writers as well as participate in hands-on, intensive workshops with published authors…such as yours truly? I’ll be teaching HERE, with Madcap Retreats. If it’s something you can do, I highly recommend it. (I don’t make money off it. I agreed to do it because the writing community has given me so much, and I love opportunities to return the favor. Come learn in a few days what it took us years to figure out!) The application deadline is May 1st, and I don’t know how many slots are still open, so apply now if you want to do it. I can’t wait!
And that’s it for now. If you can’t come to LA or Tennessee, I’ll be in a lot more places this fall. Hopefully one that you are in, too!


Dena BatchofBooks said...

I just got an ARC and I'm SOOOO excited to read it. Best of luck with the release and everything!!

Dena @ Batch of Books

Feisty Harriet said...

Haha! Best post ever! I'm bummed I'm not in LA or Tennessee.