Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hello, my lovelies. I know I've been remiss about posting to the blog. I will hopefully have more to say in the next few days leading up to the release of Illusions of Fate (!!).

But I wanted to let you know about THIS:

I'll be touring next week for the release with some of my very most favorite people in the whole world! Please see the poster for details and who will be with me where. I hope to see MANY of you! (Also, if you can't make it, you can always order signed and personalized books through Changing Hands and Blue Willow Books, two phenomenal indies.)

I will sign any/all of my books (and Stephanie's, too!), but please remember it's good manners to purchase at least one book at the store holding the event.

You can get this beauty:

And take the cover off to see this gorgeousness:

And open it up to see whether or not it was dedicated to you (I suspect it was):

And, unavailable anywhere else, I'll have some special items! Calling cards for various characters in the book:

Custom-made tarot cards that play a pivotal role:

And chocolate bread pudding!

Wait wait no, I will not have that with me at tour events. But The Chaos of Stars is also coming out in paperback on September 9th, and chocolate bread pudding is practically a side character in that book, so it's only right to include it here.

More soon.



Ashley said...

I am so happy to see you again! Even if I am running out of books for you to sign! Such a problem to have, I know! ;-)

Also, thank you for loving my indie!

Carol Ann said...

Yay! So excited that you are coming to Houston. This town needs it!!

Aubree said...

I know you are super busy being awesome and might not see this -- but I'm a high school English teacher and have some of your books in my classroom library. Usually whenever a student even glances in the direction of my bookshelf I'm like "DO YOU WANT TO BORROW A BOOK CAN I INTEREST YOU IN READING, HERE TAKE A BOOK!!" but today one of my girls asked if she could borrow Paranormalcy! To which I responded by practically putting it in her backpack for her. Spreading the Tasey love!

Melanie Doyle said...

hmmm. chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. there, that satisfies the chocolate requirement of this comment, i hope.

now down to business. i just wanted to drop you a little line, for what it's worth, about how much i enjoy your books. i'm a 30-something-ish, (shush, let's not be too specific) YOUNG lady, who just finished five of your books in about as many days. you, dear, sweet Kiersten White must be one amazing plotter and are in fact, as has been scientifically proven by your books, are an amazing dialogue writer. bravo! or -a, whichever. your dialogue is SOO believable, witty, and most importantly useful. it tells me so much about the characters and situations. i feel like nary (yes, nary) a word is wasted. congrats on your sublime talent. thanks for your books. perfect lies messed with my head in a delightful way. oh, yes, and chocolate.

PS: i'm bummed i missed your tour dates, but i'm delighted about your newest book! eeck!