Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Welcome to the World, THE CHAOS OF STARS

Isadora was first mentioned on this blog in March, 2010.

You'll note that's over three years ago.

Isadora sold in August, 2011. That was after four episodes of completely throwing out what I had and starting over. And, as is usual when editing with a professional, that was only the beginning of the work that went into making the book that became THE CHAOS OF STARS.

For a girl who is used to writing fast, it was rather tortuous.

Of all my writing, I'm proudest of this book. It made the biggest journey from draft to finished product of any of my books, but the thing that remained constant was Isadora's voice. She's the reason I kept going back to it in spite of frustrations, in spite of constantly wrestling with what I thought the story should be versus what it needed to be. There was a moment--and it came very late, during my last round of revisions--when I realized that I finally had the book I'd meant to write all along. I was elated. And massively relieved, because there were times I doubted I would ever get there.

I'm also slightly terrified for it to finally go out into the world. Oh, my dear, stubborn, problem child of a book. I hope people will appreciate it, and that anyone who needs the message at the heart of the story will find it. I hope it makes you laugh, I hope it surprises you in the best possible ways, and I hope you'll keep letting me tell you stories.

I do so love telling you stories.

Thank you. Isadora is yours now.


Michelle Wolfson said...

Congrats congrats congrats!!! I have loved Isadora from the moment I met her! So excited for the world to share the fun.

heidikins said...

Yay! I can't wait to start this!

(Also, fun fact: there is a spot on my bookshelf that has been waiting for this book for ages. It's right next to "Mind Games" and a hardback first edition of "The Egypt Game.")


Mary H said...

Congrats, Kiersten!

BriBri said...

OMG! i love your writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is hilariously funny, and dont you EVER stop. Your are now my favorite writer. Which says a lot because i have read over 200 books in the last year. If you cant guess, I love to read and absorb knowledge. One day I want to be a writer too. I can't wait for your new books. I love Isadora and Evie. Amazing works of art.
<3 - Bri

kira parson said...

I have just read this amazing book in one day, I couldn't stop. Thank you sooooooooo much I'm obsessed with books (or an avid reader to put it lightly) and this is one of the best ive ever read. I'm waiting on your new books with a need that's very close to an addict waiting on a fix XD
P.s. I love chocolate also