Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bucket List Win

(I suck, but the winner of the Transparent contest has been contacted. Finally. This is why I don't do many contests--it makes me feel like a terrible person. Which I am, so. There will be another contest for ARCs at the end of the month, though!)

I had a few items on my publishing bucket list. One was to, you know, actually get published. (CHECK!) Another was to someday, eventually, have a shelf with foreign editions of my books. Thanks to Paranormalcy, I've actually filled an entire shelf and need more space!

But along with that foreign editions dream was a more specific one. I wanted to sell Japanese rights, and I wanted to get a seriously awesome Japanese cover. So you can imagine my absolute giddy joy when I came across this the other day:



I cannot even tell you how much I love this cover. The artist, Hiroki Kusumoto, captured the book in such an incredibly fun style. I want a poster of this for my wall. Heck, I want this as my ENTIRE wall. Huge thanks to my Japanese publisher, Villagebooks, for making this happy dream come true! (And to the awesome tumblr Blue Willow for finding the cover and posting it.)

There are a lot of moments where this whole author thing feels very normal. I don't think about it, because it is part of my life now and has been for a few years. But then there are moments when I am hit with how amazing my journey has been, and how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love and find so many amazing readers in so many countries. It's a bit overwhelming, to be honest. Even though my job is expressing things with the written word, sometimes there's just no way to adequately capture a feeling.

So I'll speak for Evie and just say, BLEEP YEAH. THANK YOU.


Reese's said...

Oh my god I love it!!! Sooo amazing. Man I wish I new the language so I could get myself that copy.

Reese's @Reese's Reviews: MA2F

Miranda Reagen said...

Omg Congratulations! It looks epic!

Marny said...

Awesome! Any chance you know where to purchase this? My daughter loves your books and speaks Japanese, so this would make a sweet birthday present.

heidikins said...

Such a great cover!!! Congrats!


Melanie Yin said...

As prettyful as your North American covers are, they're pretty standard YA paranormal fare.
But this...this just embodies the SOUL of the book. I mean...IT'S GOT TASEY! (although I always imagined Tasey sparklier) And I definitely agree with you on the point that it just OOZES THE SASS.

Karen Clayton said...

I had a pair of boots like that once, but mine were black. Much cooler in red though!