Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sedition In the Ranks

MIND GAMES: Oh, hey! You're finally here! Welcome!

CHAOS: Thank you so much! I'm so happy to be joining the gang. Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, even though I'm still just an ARC!

MIND GAMES: Of course! We're just happy to have you. I'm just happy to have you. Because now that you're here, we can finally overthrow the Paranormalcy series for complete bookshelf domination!

CHAOS: Yeah, absolutely, I...wait, what??
MIND GAMES: That series has had the run of this place for too long! Now, with our forces combined, we can claim the coveted Pink Corner!
CHAOS: I really don't understand.

CHAOS: Oh. Wow. That is a lot of Paranormalcy trilogy goodness, isn't it?
MIND GAMES: I haven't been able to compete all by my lonesome so far, but now that we can fight together...
CHAOS: Whoa whoa whoa. I don't want to fight anybody! And have you seen ENDLESSLY? She out-words you by like 32,000! She could snap your spine in half.
MIND GAMES: Psh. Have you read me? I am INTENSE. None of that namby-pamby pink nonsense!
CHAOS: Umm, actually, weirdly enough (given that I am a book), I have read you. And I've also read the entire Paranormalcy series. I don't think you're as different as you think you are.

CHAOS: Stop staring at me like that. I'm serious. Let's examine. Paranormalcy trilogy features a strong, smart, snarky heroine. And you...
MIND GAMES: I...also feature that. BUT I HAVE TWO!
CHAOS: Good for you, sweetie! The Paranormalcy trilogy plays with pop culture concepts of long-standing stories. So do you! What Paranormalcy does with supernatural creatures, you do with supernatural psychic powers and femme fatales. Both of you turn them on their heads and suck the romanticism right out in all your snarky wonder. Incidentally I also star a strong, smart, snarky heroine, and I play with mythology in the same way.
MIND GAMES: I guess that's true.
CHAOS: Both of you feature girls trapped by circumstance, who must outsmart groups that want to use them for their unique abilities. And both of you feature more than one delicious boy.
MIND GAMES: I'll admit I am Team Reth.
CHAOS: That surprises exactly no one. Also, both of you feature Kiersten's trademark sly, dark humor.
MIND GAMES: I guess the Paranormalcy series isn't quite as light as the prom dresses might indicate. Kiersten just cloaks her disturbed brain in bright colors.
CHAOS: Yeah, she's pretty whacked.
MIND GAMES: I love that about her.
CHAOS: We all do. Anyway, what I am saying is this: if people love the Paranormalcy series, they really ought to read you, too. You've got a lot of differences, but all of Kiersten's trademark style is firmly in place. So there's no competition, MG. You and Paranormalcy should be best friends.
MIND GAMES: You make a lot of good points. And I think you're probably right. But...I really want that corner! And look! I found backup! Behold: It's me, with a British accent!

SISTER ASSASSIN: And an even more deadly title! Who are we taking out?
CHAOS: Okay, that's lovely, pip pip cheerio and whatnot, but before you two decide to take the library by storm, perhaps you should look beneath us.

MIND GAMES: Are those all...
CHAOS: I think German Evie alone could destroy you.
MIND GAMES: Peaceful co-existence it is!


Ashley said...

My love of this is many levels of awesomeness.

Katieb MundieMoms said...

LOVE this!! This post needs to be titled, "The Year Kiersten White took over the YA World!" *insert* evil laugh ;)

Melanie Fowler said...

Holy sweet sauce, that is one awesome collection of books you have there :)

Can't wait to read your new books!!!

*MARY* said...

Why can't they all just get along?

This is why I have to keep my Dr. Seuss and my Shel Silversteins in different wings of my mansion.

Makayla Anderson said...

Kiersten, can you even read all of those languages? ;)

Kiersten White said...

Actually, Makayla, the other languages spoken/read in our house are Spanish, Romanian, and Arabic. No Arabic translations, but there ARE Spanish and Romanian editions.

Go figure those are the two that have never been sent to me...

Jessie Oliveros said...

So funny! Reminded me of the old Laptop posts...:)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That's pretty cool! Have to say that I like the sister assassin cover, but maybe I'm just biased cause that's the one I have!

momma4teacher said...

I can't express how cool this is!!!! I grew up with a mother who animated random things, very much like this. :) So I completely enjoyed this conversation. I cannot wait to share this with everyone I know...and get them hooked on your books!!!! :)

Karen Adair said...

Oh my heavens this made my morning. The afternoon is still open though for entertaining me. :) AWESOME!!! Can't wait to catch up with the new books and help them earn a spot in the corner! I think they look pretty good up front and cozy on the couch though, right now. Yeah...very cozy. :)

Haneen I. Adam said...

That is the best post I read in a long, long time. The way you show the similarities between your different books, and how you describe the writer you are is just so smartly and neatly done I'm impressed, never have I thought of explaining the aspects of my writing in such an easy, and entertaining way! You made my day :)

Kelly said...

I love this!! :D Glad you put Sister Assassin in there, but then I DO have that one. But this was seriously funny and entertaining all the way through it. :)

Tamara Epps said...

Love it so much and wondering why I still haven't read Endlessly (I honestly don't know how that happened but thanks to the magic of the internet I can read it right now).

Kris Chen said...

Nice! This conversation was so much fun to read!! :)
<3 your books. They have so much personality, as they've just demonstrated to us!

Makayla Anderson said...

Haha that's so cool! I'm in level 1-B Spanish and I consider myself fluent, would you like to know what time it is en espaƱol? ;)

Jen R. said...

Brilliant. Just... brilliant. And just so freaking hilarious! XD

Rachel Morgan said...

Freaking hilarious!