Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MIND GAMES Preview + Signing Info

First and foremost, if you live in Southern California or can get here, come party! On Tuesday, February 19th, at 7 PM we'll be hanging out at a library, talking books, signing books, eating books--wait no, eating snacks provided by the awesome Carlsbad Library. Kasie West, author of PIVOT POINT, which just came out and is awesome, will be joining me. YOU SHOULD, TOO. I totally want to see you! Follow the link for directions. (Please note: this is not the same place my other launches have been, and it is the Carlsbad Library on Dove. [There are two branches of the Carlsbad library. Don't go to the wrong one. That would be too sad.])

If you want to see two of my favorite authors, Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins, gushing over MIND GAMES, head on over to the Amazon page to read an interview they did!

There are only four days left to enter the preorder contest. Just sayin'.

And finally: a sneak peek! HarperTeen has the first five chapters of MIND GAMES up for your previewing enjoyment!

Whew. I think that's it. For now. If you follow all those links, I give you permission to take a nap and/or eat a cookie today!


Sarah said...

*getting my cookie*

Penelope said...

I'm 30 and working at my corporate job right now...and your AMAZING YA book just captured my lunch and then some. I cannot wait to finish MIND GAMES. Well done, Kiersten.

Samaire Provost said...

I lived in San Diego north county for 34 YEARS!!! Moved north in 2011 and now live in San Luis Obispo. Someday I will get to meet you. Meanwhile, I've introduced my husband to your Paranormalcy series and he's hooked. Have a great time!!! ^_^

Allison G. said...

That was AMAZING! I can't wait to buy it and read it in one sitting! :) You are so talented! I wish you lived in Texas...

Jade Timms said...

One day I'm going to come to one of your events and say "G'DAY MATE!" in my best Aussie accent. And it will be magical.

Have a happy Book Release Day!