Monday, February 25, 2013

Hot Stuff Writes

I'm going to be incredibly, sappily honest: though I've got a pretty great imagination, I cannot imagine a happier life than the one I have with my husband. I often joke I was the smartest eighteen year old alive for picking him out, but I'm not really kidding. He's amazing. And today he's written a blog post! With no further ado, the man who would never, ever call himself Hot Stuff, so I am forced to do it for him. He's asked himself a bunch of questions to give you insight into the writer spouse's life.

Q: What’s it like living with an author?
A: Pretty normal actually, except she works crazy hours. When she is drafting/editing she works from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. I swear I’m not exaggerating. Granted, it’s hard for me to verify because I am usually out cold by 9:30 p.m. every evening.
Q: How come you’re not an author?
A: Because I don’t revise anything I write. I actually wrote some drafts a few years ago, but for me, that’s where the journey ended.
*Kiersten's note: Hot Stuff writes absurd humor absurdly well, and would make a phenomenal middle grade author.
Q: What’s wrong, are you lazy or something?
A: Probably a little. The truth is, I don’t have a ton of energy once I get home from work. And it takes me so long to write a draft that by the time I’m done I never want to see it again.
Q: At what stage do you get to read Kiersten’s books?
A: Usually after she does one full edit of a draft. She never lets me read a first draft. Most of her books I’ve read at several stages.
Q: Which of Kiersten’s books is your favorite?
A: Ack! That’s a tough question. The correct answer is all of them, but I’ll try to narrow that down a bit. My favorite in the Paranormalcy series is Supernaturally, but my favorite of her books overall is Mind Games. I love the frenetic energy that book has, as well as the impossible choices the characters are forced to make.
Q: What about The Chaos of Stars?
A: The last draft I read of that book was way back when Chaos of Stars was meant to be the opening part of a series. I haven’t yet read the final one-book version to see how Kiersten ended the story. Therefore, I will have to read it again before comparing it to Mind Games and the Paranormalcy series.
Q: Do you have any input on her books?
A: No, thank goodness. If I had any say, all of her main characters would have had tragic endings (not saying they don’t, but I am more melodramatic than Kiersten—think male version of Anne Shirley, sans the red hair).
Q: Who is your favorite character from Kiersten’s books?
A: I can’t say. She has a character in an upcoming book who is the coolest character ever. I can’t say more because I would be giving too much away. However, among her characters in her published books, I’d have to say Fia from Mind Games.
Q: Why Fia?
A: Because she could beat everyone else to a pulp. Evie is fun also, but Fia scares me, and I like that.
Q: Do you buy your wife’s books?
A: Of course! It’s the coolest thing ever to walk into a store and see copies of a book someone you know and love wrote. It’s more fun to buy them. I have copies in my office at work and I give some to close friends.
Q: Any advice for spouses/domestic partners/lovers/non-dangerous stalkers of writers?
A: I probably don’t have anything too useful to add here, since every individual is so unique. The writing process, from my point of view, is like a roller coaster with five thousand miles of slow flat track with a few dips and hills scattered throughout. Months go by where nothing exciting happens, and then all of a sudden everything is crazy. You need to be patient. You need to be understanding. Most of all, you need to be loving no matter what happens. I’m not sure how good I am at any of those things, but I try to have some sort of positive impact.
Apart from that, have fun! The writing community, both on and offline, is awesome. Being a part of it in any capacity is worthwhile. And the best thing about it is, since your spouse/domestic partner/lover/stalkee is the author, you don’t have to do the work! 
I love him. The end.


Liliana said...

This is awesome Kiersten (and Hot Stuff!) It was really cool to see the writing process of an author and her books through someone else's eyes :)

Megs said...

Ha ha. I've been facebooking too long - I keep looking for the "like" button...

I'll have to settle for a comment instead.



Makayla Anderson said...

You should let Hot Stuff write a chapter of your next book, just treat it like Mad Libs. Another question: Why does he refuse to call himself Hot Stuff?

Whirlochre said...

If I remember rightly, Hot Stuff is one of the best Ridiculous Hat Wearers in the business...

YA Bibliophile said...

"think male version of Anne Shirley, sans the red hair"

This right here is reason enough to keep him! Any Anne of Green Gables reference is a win :) Fun post! Thanks for sharing.

Amber said...

Fun! You both crack me up.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I can't exaplin, I loved this. :)