Monday, December 10, 2012

Winner + Videos + Sleep

Without any ado whatsoever, Jessica @a GREAT read is the winner of our Gift of Reading contest! Jessica, please email me your choice of prize plus your mailing address! (It was so much fun seeing what everyone was reading/gifting/recommending! Especially cool was an indie bookstore that took someone's favorite book and then sent them a similarly recommended book once a month. GENIUS.)

In other news, oh hi, guys! You are all so sweet and attractive. I've been fairly absent. I'm working on several deadlines right now, pretty much playing triage where I work on whatever is most pressing until something else becomes more pressing, and then I work on that until something else becomes more pressing, etc etc. It's a REALLY FUN way to work!

(That is sarcasm. But I can't complain [oh, really, Kiersten? Because I think you can and DO complain, a lot], because I love all the projects I'm working on and the people I work with. Plus I kind of brought it on myself. So.)

But we are drawing ever closer to the release of MIND GAMES!! In conjunction with that, I am doing a vlog series on Kick Butt Girls! The first installment features none other than my girl Veronica Mars:

In other Very Exciting News, HarperTeen announced the tour dates and stops for Dark Days of Winter! I'll be visiting Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Portland in early March. This makes me Exceedingly Happy, and I hope to see a whole bunch of you!

Now for the third part of the title: NAPTIME. I adore all of you, and hope the run-up to the holidays (or current holidays if you are celebrating Hanukkah, which, happy Hanukkah!) treats you kindly and your days are filled with joy and sweet things.


Whirlochre said...

OK, I have to ask — what's in the big ole parcel on the sofa behind you?

When those buttons are unhooked, what leaps out?

I'm guessing this is some kind of trained dachshund cleaning device, complete with tail-gripped duster and an aural anti-bac dispenser to die for, but maybe you just have a selection of sausages, for use in spontaneous relative buffet emergencies.

Or do I just have this so, so wrong?

patdwhite said...

Yay, I get to see you in March!

Kelly said...

Have a great Christmas, Kiersten, to you and your whole family!! :)

Alice said...

I just joined your blog and read Paranormalcy. Loved it. I posted a review on my website.

Kate said...

So I just so happen to walk into my brother's apartment today and lo and behold spotted an advance reader's edition of Mind Games lying next to the couch. Of course I immediately dived for it and shouted, "whose is this?!!!!!!!!!" Turns out they were handing out a few free copies on campus earlier and one of those copies just so happened to be handed to none other than my brother's very best friend and roommate who was so very kind as to give it to me when I sent my brother into their room to wake up him up and ask or (rather beg on my behalf) to see if I could take it home with me. He told my brother he had been planning on giving it to me any how. Awe! Fate? Destiny? Call me fortunate? (Or maybe just connected... to really nice people...) Something like that, perfect timing too since I had just finished my last final as of a hour and a half before and have the free time in which I can spend no better way than devouring books, particularly The Hobbit and now Mind Games!!! I was extremely excited to say the least. How lucky am I?! Thanks life! I love you!!! :D And thank you Kiersten for writing a brilliant book and so subtly allowing it to fall into my hands two months early; I have a feeling you used your own mind powers to have it magically come into my path. ;)