Friday, December 28, 2012

See Me in 2013!

We have less than two months until Mind Games comes out! I can't believe it. And The Chaos of Stars will be out in the fall, as well, so pretty much 2013 is the year of YOU CAN'T GET AWAY FROM MY BOOKS.

That's a pretty good year for me. Hopefully for you, too!

Here is a rundown of where I'll be:

On February 19th, I'll be celebrating the release of Mind Games at a signing in San Diego County. Details pending, but it will be in the evening and I'll be joined by special guest Kasie West, debut author of Pivot Point! You want to come. It'll be loads of fun. There will be stupid jokes and not-stupid prizes, and Kasie has amazing dimples.

On March 6th, as part of the Dark Days of Winter tour, I'll be at the Provo Library in Provo, Utah. Yay Utah! Joining me for this event and the next few are Claudia Gray, Lauren Oliver, Dan Wells, and Debra Driza. So much awesome. On March 7th we'll be in Seattle at University Books. March 8th is Barnes and Noble in Clackamas, OR, and on March 9th we'll be in Tualatin, OR, and Eugene, OR.

I love this tour. Utah is so beautiful (and always nice to visit home), Seattle is one of my very favorite cities, and I've always wanted to see Oregon! So, hopefully along with seeing these cities I can also see YOU.

Next up, on March 16th, I'll be part of the Teen Author Boot Camp in Provo, Utah. This is such a fun event! It's a writing day camp exclusively for teens. More info HERE, but if you are a teen and can get there, you totally should. It's my favorite, and so much more than just a signing. It's one of the few times I teach about writing. I am an AWESOME(ly ridiculous) teacher. Plus the rest of the authors presenting are incredible and I can't wait to hear Shannon Hale's keynote speech. If you register soon, it's only $49 for the entire day + lunch and snacks. Screaming good deal, and the people who put it on are pretty amazing.

After that, I'll be at TLA in April. Huzzah Texas! I freaking love Texas. I'm not sure if any of the TLA events are open to the public, but when I find out I'll let you know.

And after that, I'll be home for the rest of the year for personal reasons, with the exception of a local signing when THE CHAOS OF STARS comes out. So I really, really hope you can make it to one of these events! And if not, well, at least you'll have your fill of me with so. many. books. in the next two years.



Kristina said...

So exciting, you are coming to Seattle again! I can't wait!!

Liliana said...

You're coming to Seattle? That's exciting!! Oh wait, that's on a thursday, when I have my 12 hour clinicals for nursing school D: Darn...maybe next time (unless I can get my friend, who lives there, to go and snag me some signed copies ;))

Makayla Anderson said...

AHH why don't you ever visit the Midwest?! Or the eastern side of the country, that is. I know you don't have much control over this, but it still irritates me. But I still love you for giving me Evie. :)

Allison G. said...

Yea! You are coming to Texas!!!!! :) Hope i will be able to see you!

Natalie Erickson said...

The Dark Days of Winter tour sounds like a lot of fun! I'll hope to be there in provo!
Teen author boot camp sounds like a lot of information that I really could use. I've been trying to write a book lately, but they stink. I'm so glad that there are activities near me now!
you said you liked comments about chocolate.

LauraN said...

You don't have to apologize for staying home part of the year you are allowed a life outside of visiting distant fans (like hanging out with your biggest fans at home and maybe writing more books.) Have a good 2013l

readerfreak22 said...

Aw no Colorado that sucks, I'll just have to come out and visit somewhere.

Laura BurgandyIce said...

SAWEEEEET!!! You're coming to MY B&N in Clackamas!!!!! :-D That is so awesome. I cannot wait. I just finished Mind Games and I feel like... like... darn it, did it have to end? I love, LOVED it and I'm just not sure I can move on to another book right now. I'm stuck. Seriously, WOW!!!!

Kate said...

SO excited!!!! Can't wait to see you again and meet great new authors when you come to visit!! :D

Must Love Books said...

I am so excited you are coming to Oregon! And at 3 different spots! Lots of choices for me to go to! When you are here, make sure you can go to Powells on Burnside in Portland. That place will blow your mind.

The B&N website for the Clackamas Town Center mall has you listed as coming 2 different times. Once in feb and once in march. Just fyi.

Jillian Schmidt said...

*sees Clackamas, Oregon on the list and gets excited*

*starts to figure out the best way to get there from Eugene sans car*

*realizes that Eugene itself is on the list*

*nearly faints in shock and excitement*

YAAAAAAY for including so much of Oregon! I can't wait!

Kimberly Rose said...

Dang it! If only we weren't in a recession... I might actually have $49 -- Well all hope is lost from here.