Sunday, December 2, 2012


My lovely and super talented friend Cynthia Hand, who is not only a fabulous novelist but also a freaking college professor, invited me to come and speak at Pepperdine. I have been feeling VERY FANCY about this. Cynthia and I will do a sort of interview, I'll take questions, and there will be time to sign books.

Bonus! I just found out that, since it is in the library, it's open to the public. Anyone in the area who wants to attend is allowed! Plus, it's in the Surfboard Room. You know you can't pass up seeing what a surfboard room in a university library looks like. Info at this link, starts at 12 PM on Tuesday. Hope to see some of you there*!

*also super cute and exciting, the VOICE OF EVIE, aka Emily Eiden, who narrates the audiobooks, will be there, and I am totally excited to meet her because she did such a phenomenal job.

PS Don't forget to enter the contest in the post immediately preceding this one. I love seeing what books you are all giving for the holidays! So much awesome sibling gifting that seriously warms my heart.


David James said...

*drives to Pepperdine* Sounds like such a cool opportunity!

Robert Imfeld said...

Oh man, I just NOW saw this, or else I would've made the drive to Malibu. Bummed!

Anonymous said...

This is where I cry for living in London! Sigh.