Friday, October 26, 2012


I was trying to think of an eloquent, humble way to introduce this, but all I can say is this: two of my very most-admired, favorite authors have blurbed MIND GAMES. It means so much to me, and makes me so happy, and also includes a good deal of holy crap, seriously? To have authors whose work I read and think, "Why do I even bother??" read my work and love it enough to officially blurb it is pretty freaking incredible.

With no further ado:

"Mind Games is a thriller of the best sort, one with many characters vying to have things their way, who will go as far as they need to get what they want -- and a protagonist who will go even further. A brutal, exciting gem of a book." --Holly Black

(Someday, somehow, Holly and I will go on tour together just so we can call it the "Black, White, and Read All Over" tour.)

And, of course, the blurb I've already posted but let's post again just for fun:

“You might think you know Kiersten White, but here is a darker, more dangerous Kiersten White. A sharp, heart-wrenching, lightning-fast, and fabulously fun read in which twining narratives weave a trap around two extraordinary sisters. Fia may be the angriest narrator I’ve ever loved. I bet you will too.” --Laini Taylor

So happy. So grateful. So excited for you all to get to read MIND GAMES in just under four months! And if you haven't read Laini's amazing DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE, get on it. The sequel comes out in nine days! Also, if you haven't read Holly's Curse Worker series, the good news is all the books are out and you can devour them one after another and find out why it's the series every YA author I talk to wishes they wrote. But of course we couldn't have, because it's Holly's, and Holly is one-of-a-kind.

Meanwhile, back to happy dancing in the White household!


Megan Swicegood said...

Seriously awesome blurbs! Holly Black and Laini Taylor are excellent judges and writers of books. Can't wait to read Mind Games.

Susanne Winnacker said...

Wow! Fantastic blurbs. I love both Holly Black's and Laini Taylor's books. That's a sign, right? I'll have to get my hands on Mind Games!! :D

Josin L. McQuein said...

You can only call your tour "Black, White, and Read All Over" if you wear T-shirts of a beach-reading zebra with a sunburn. ;-P

Awesome blurbs from awesome writers! Looking forward to the new book.

Natalie Aguirre said...

Awesome blurbs. Congrats Kiersten!

YA Bibliophile said...

Two of my favorite authors blurbing another of my favorites authors. Obviously I cannot wait for this book!!!!

Kate said...

LOVE THEM!!! So awesome! Two amazing authors getting coming together with blurbs for another amazing author! Love it! :)
And I am in complete support of the "Black and White And Read All Over Tour"!! (Fabulous title by the way, brilliant!) Is there something a can sign to help get the ball rolling on this? :)

curlypow said...

Just make sure that the tour comes to Canada. You, Holly, books - can't wait. I'll be at the front of the line :)

Whirlochre said...

Glad to hear that J.K. Rowling neglected to run with

"The world's worst Chuck Norris lookalike offers further cleaning tips from her San Diego wash house. Lovers of dusting, ironing, sweeping and washing will not be disappointed by Ms White's inability to pen a single word while keeping her luxury pad spick and span. On a personal note, I envy her hair (not to mention her ability to remain upright for longer than 3 minutes in dinky flip flops).