Monday, August 6, 2012

ENDLESSLY Is Really The End

First of all, infinite hugs to my readers. You are the best. It has been SO MUCH FUN seeing ENDLESSLY go out into the world and be received with this level of excitement and enthusiasm. To have Evie embraced as a character and narrator makes my cold, shriveled heart expand ten times! I'm returning all the presents to Who-ville!


Anyway. Suffice it to say: I love love love the amount of love I have been getting for this series.

I have also been receiving/seeing many requests to continue the series beyond the three books. Which is AWESOME. It makes me so happy that readers want to spend even more time with Evie in her world.

But (yes, here's the but, you knew it was coming), Evie's story is done. At least the written part. Do I know what happens after the books? I have ideas of how her Happily Ever After is structured, yes. Am I going to tell you?


I want you to decide how her happily ever after continues. Because she's yours now. I told the parts of her story that I wanted to tell, and I can honestly say I have absolutely no plans to write another Evie book. For me a young adult series ends when you take the teen and put them through the gate between childhood and adulthood, and in this case I did that...pretty literally. (NO SPOILERS. GO READ IT.) Do I think Evie has more adventures? Absolutely! But not that I want to write a book about. Her arc, for me as a writer, is done.

(Which isn't to say there aren't more ways to tell her story...and yes, the option for film/television is still being actively pursued by my producers!)

Evie's story was always a trilogy, and to extend past that would feel disingenuous to me as a storyteller. I have nothing against longer series--I may do some very long series in the future--but THIS series is a trilogy.

It's all good, though. I have many, many voices and many, many stories that need telling, too! MIND GAMES is out in February, which is like SIX MONTHS AWAY, guys! And then another book next fall! From now into the foreseeable publishing future, I'll have a book out every six months. You won't even have time to go into withdrawal.

In Other News: I talk about whether publishing killed my love of writing on my not-very-secret-tumblr account, Stephanie Perkins has a new book deal that I am OBSCENELY excited about, and stay tuned for title announcements/foreign publishing excitement!


Jared Peterson said...

Hmmm . . . SAD! But it totally makes sense. It's just . . . well, sad! :( And happy. :) In a way.

I'm so excited for Mind Games! Bleep!

Maggie Sunseri said...

It was a great series and I look forward to Mind Games. What I mean by 'look forward' is that I can't bleepin' wait until its release!!! My eyes teared up when I finished Endlessly because of my life practically being over, but Mind Games is sure to have a piece of my heart like your other AMAZING books.

Well, I think that's all I have to, keep it up Kiersten!

Natalie Aguirre said...

I just finished Endlessly and loved it. I'm going to give it away on my blog in September. As a writer, I understand why you feel this story is done. Though I'd love more. Can't wait for your next series.

Musing Novelist said...

I'd never thought of a young adult novel series being done once you usher your teenage hero/heroine into adulthood. That's a great way to put it!

I'm very excited about Mind Games, especially since there will be all sorts of ancient Egyptian goodness. (And I feel just a little guilty that you'll be pushing yourself so hard for your publishers and readers, churning out a new novel every six months like clockwork.) Take care of yourself!

Also, how did I NOT know you had a tumblr account? Off to follow!

Kiersten White said...

Just to clarify, Musing Novelist, MIND GAMES is NOT the Egyptian mythology book. MIND GAMES is a dark thriller. The book coming out in Fall 2014, Isadora's book, currently titled FLOOD AND STONE (which will not be the title, heh), is the Egyptian mythology-based one : ) Didn't want you to get MIND GAMES and be like, "Wow, Kiersten clearly does NOT understand Egyptian Mythology. What are all of these psychics and mind readers doing??"

Jade said...

As sad as I am that Evie's story is done, I am even more excited to meet your other crazy voices. I mean characters. Can't wait to meet your new characters! Bring on MIND GAMES.

Kate said...

So excited for Mind Games!!! And yay, Stephanie Perkins! Whoot!!! :)

Kristin Aragon said...


I just ordered Endlessly a few minutes ago. I'm oddly emotional about reading the ending to series. I still am not brave enough to start Shine by Jeri Ready-Smith because I know it's the end, but I love how you turned Evie over to the readers. I never really thought of the end of a series in that manner and maybe that will help ease the pain, plus I know she'll sit on my bookshelf and I can pick her up anytime.

I cannot wait for Mind Games and I read the press release about Stephanie Perkins today. I have to say, I'm way past excited about that!

Keep on writing because we love you.

leafpool61 said...

It's definitely sad that Evie's series is at an end, but I can respect your reasons. I can't wait for Mind Games! Have fun churning out those books!! :)

heidikins said...

And what a lovely ending it was.


Mel - Thedailyprophecy. said...

It's always sad when series end, but that's just the way it is. I'm definitely looking forward to all the other books. Mind Games has been on my wishlist for a while now :D

Alaina said...

I don't want this to be the end! I will always think about evie! I have been evie for every dress up day to Halloween for the past like 3 YEARS! I even made a fake pink taser! OMG for the dress up day I got stuck in my white blouse and then I fell trying to pull up my pants! Well I will always live these books and thanks for writing them! I bleeping love you!<3

Anonymous said...

they cant be done!!!! make another one wher she has to deal with the paranormals that didnt go and jack finding a way to feed those people and dealing with the new empty ones and lend with raquel as a stepmom and evie still seeing vivian in hr dreams along with reth in them