Thursday, July 19, 2012

First 80 Pages of ENDLESSLY + Book Trailer!

Oh, HI! You look REALLY CUTE today! I have two super exciting links for you.

The first is a browse inside sneak peek at ENDLESSLY with the first eighty (eighty!) pages!

The second is the debut of the ENDLESSLY book trailer on Epic Reads (which is a really fun book social networking site that you should totally check out)! When Editor Erica sent it to me I was, this is kind of...intense? And then I started laughing out loud. Go. Watch. You'll understand.

Edit: It's on YouTube now, too! Though I still recommend checking out Epic Reads.

Very soon my video escapades from Comic-Con, including a bunch of interviews with a bunch of awesome authors, will go live. But I was thinking--I interviewed all those other authors, right? I really ought to interview myself, too. It's only fair. So stay tuned for that! Turns out Kiersten is a real pain to try and schedule things with. ("Can we do it now?" "No, I need to wash my hair." "WELL SO DO I, BUT I'M NOT MAKING EXCUSES ABOUT IT.")


Michelle said...

Best 80 pages ever!!!! Looking forward to my iBook copy of Endlessly.

Ruby said...

I love the trailer!
I am coming to your Kings English Book Signing with my sister and possibly my friend! I am bleeping excited!

Ashley said...

LOVED that Evie referred to Anne as "Anne Whatever Whatever". Made me smile. Every. Time.

Kate said...

Haha love it! :) :) :) But she should of totally been wearing hot pink boots!!! :) :) :)

Kris (Imaginary Reads) said...

Best. Trailer. Ever. This is so exciting!!! I've read Endlessly and adore it. Absolutely cannot wait to the book to come out, so I can add a hardcover to my collection on my shelf :)

Xlibris said...

I love the trailer.. I'll add it to my queue in my bookshelf. I'll share this one to my friends. Good luck!