Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ENDLESSLY Release Events!


On ENDLESSLY's release date, Tuesday, July 24th, at 4 PM, I'll be hanging out with Robin LaFevers, Marie Lu, and Cynthia Hand* in a library in Oceanside! You can come hang with us, too, especially if you are of the teen variety of personhood. Link here. (As far as I know, Kristen White will not be there. She regrets that, since she is not me, she cannot attend my events. I hope you'll accept me as a substitute.)

Then, hop on over to the Oceanside Barnes and Noble with us, where we'll start a book event at 6 PM! We'll chat, answer a few questions, and then sign!

On Thursday, July 26th, I'll be at The King's English in Salt Lake City at 7 PM. This time all by my lonesome, so...you really ought to come visit me! I'll talk and make weird jokes (both specialties of mine!) and then sign until the signing is done.

If you can't make a signing, you'll be able to call ahead and order signed, personalized books, and then The King's English will ship them to you! My local indie, Mysterious Galaxy, also has a limited number of pre-signed books for order. Yay signed books!

I hope you can make it if you're in either area!

And, in case you don't know about my fellow authors, here are some photos and bios:

Cynthia Hand is the author of the Unearthly series. UNEARTHLY and HALLOWED are available now, with BOUNDLESS coming in January.

I adore these books! One word: Tucker. Oh, also, one more: Christian. Cynthia has an unparalleled deft hand at making supernatural elements feel utterly believable in a story about a teen girl trying to find her place in the world when she is, in fact...unearthly. (DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?)

*Cynthia might not be able to make the library event, which is very sad, but she'll be at the signing for sure, which is very happy!

Marie Lu is exactly what I wanted to look like when I grew up. Wait, I mean, Marie Lu is the author of the LEGEND trilogy, the first book of which is out now. PRODIGY follows in January. One of my favorite dystopians, LEGEND follows two teen geniuses--one working outside the rules of the oppressive government regime, the other working for it--as they realize maybe their goals aren't so far apart, after all. Trivia: LEGEND was the book that planted the "Maybe I should try dual POV" seed in my head that grew into the tree that became MIND GAMES.

Robin LaFevers is the author of many middle grade novels, as well as the new YA book GRAVE MERCY. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but all I have to say is this: ASSASSIN NUNS. ASSASSIN NUNS, guys. I KNOW. I'm so excited to buy it and have Robin sign it for me. I love being an author!


(Helen) Kiaya said...

I already pre-ordered my copy of Endlessly from King's English! Woot! I'm PREPARED for your signing. Like a boy scout. Or Scar.

Cordelia Fitzgerald said...

Congrats on getting your trilogy completed!
I have wanted to read Paranormalcy forever but my local library still doesn't have it. But, I'm a tiny bit glad I've waited b/c now with all the rave ARC reviews for Endlessly I definitely can't wait any longer (and plus I'm probably going to get a good deal buying the whole trilogy!).
I can't wait to confirm what a great piece of work I've been missing all these years! haha

carole said...

That's too bad about Kristen not being invited, I was really wanting to meet her! Kiersten seems cool too though :)

Can't wait for Endlessly and I'm really looking forward to Mind Games!!!

Sarah said...

Awwww man! That's our opening night for My Fair Lady. (Speaking of which, if anyone is interested, the Spanish Fork Community Theater is putting on My Fair Lady at Spanish Fork High. If anyone is interested, I can tell you the details!) :) (Sorry, I don't know if you like advertising, so I can delete the post if you like.) Oh well. When's the next time you are coming to Utah? I'm so excited for Endlessley!!!!

Big Cousin Andrew said...

Hey, cuz! Michelle and I will be at King's English. It's become a bit of a tradition, hasn't it?

joannie said...

I am getting all these books but i can't be where ya'll are at. I wish i could. I live in Georgia and since i am disabled i can't afford to travel. I can't wait till they have you great Authors come where i live one day. That is Statesboro Georgia. We do have a Books a Million. Thanks for the review. Joannie Sparks jscddmj[at]aol[dot]com

J.M. Blackmon said...

I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE Robin LaFevers and Cynthia Hand!!! I haven't gotten around to reading LEGEND yet....but Grave Mercy is one of the books I actually took the time to go to the bookstore and get in hardcover!!! LOVED IT. Unearthly and Hallowed were also really awesome and I really can't wait for Boundless :)