Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kiersten and Hot Stuff in the UK: The Sherlock Edition

Part One of Adventures in the UK: SHERLOCK

I can safely say that, as we traveled across England and Scotland, our views and opinions were heavily influenced by books, films, and television we love. To quote Hot Stuff, after we had taken a train through the English countryside and arrived in Edinburgh, "I feel like I finally understand JRR Tolkien and JK Rowling."

Yes, readers, it's obvious why I married him.

So, today's pictures revolve around Sherlock Holmes. I have a teensy eensy massive obsession with all things Sherlock Holmes. Particularly the BBC series, but I am not picky: I will take him in any form.

Naturally, every time we had a view of this thing, I had to hum the "Sherlock" theme song.

Can't you just see the opening credits flashing through your head?

As we walked around London (the entire city--SERIOUSLY WE WALKED ALL OVER THE WHOLE FREAKING CITY I HAVE THE BLACK, BRUISED TOENAILS TO PROVE IT ahem sorry) Hot Stuff would point out various landmarks or random buildings that had been featured at some point in the series.

Imagine our delight when we found this beneath a bridge, straight from the scene where Sherlock contacts a member of his homeless network!

Benedict! WHERE ARE YOU?

Hot Stuff ran up the stairs to get in the picture, then got a really sheepish grin and slunk back down. Turns out...there was an actual homeless person asleep up there. Probably waiting for Sherlock to come and ask for help!

Or just sleeping. 

The first day we were there, we took the tube to get to Hot Stuff's sister's reception. (Which was awesome.) We were doing a pretty good job of blending in--walking on the left, etc--but that was all blown when we passed a stop and I shouted, "OH MY GOSH IT'S BAKER STREET!!"

So, naturally, we set time aside to actually get off at Baker Street and visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

221B! 221B! I don't know who that dude is, though.
Also yes I am wearing flip flops with a coat and a scarf. How would Sherlock interpret me?

Inside was...a kind of delightfully kitschy museum with displays and mannequins, etc. This is Sherlock's front room. I am VERY. EXCITED. 


And, of course, while wandering around a townhouse decorated as though Sherlock Holmes lives there, one must mock and imitate the statuary. 

Why so serious?
Wait. Wrong series.

The window afforded a lovely view. I can only assume this is where Sherlock and Watson go to get mani/pedis after chasing down mysteries. 

What color do you think they paint their toenails?

I participated in the pondering of Mysterious Corpses. Also I kind of look possessed. MAYBE THEY CAN SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF MY INABILITY TO LOOK NORMAL IN PHOTOS, GUYS! 

I almost bought a bowler hat. And a pipe. And I wanted to high-five the fellow tourist humming the "Sherlock" theme song in the gift shop.

They had a notebook of letters students had written to Sherlock Holmes. Most revolved around "mysteries" they needed him to solve. This was the best letter of all. 

Dear Student:
There is a difference between dead and fictional.
Also you are adorable.

And finally, in the first of a series, it's a toilet! SHERLOCK'S toilet. 

 Surprisingly floral.

Stay tuned for the next entries: CASTLES and HARRY POTTER.

Which also include toilets. Naturally.


Katie Edwards said...

While I was reading this blog, I tuned into the fact that my radio was playing the song "Baker Street." Spooky!

I love London.

Aleeza said...


um, yeah. deffo not the best way to start off a comment, that's for sure. let it be known though that i am absolutely WRITHING WITH ENVY RIGHT NOW! and now i can't get the sherlock theme song off my head.

LOVE this post! :)

Heather Hoyt said...

I may just jump on the next plane to England now.

Casey (The Bookish Type) said...

BAHAHA. I had the exact same reaction to Sherlock's toilet. Was Sherlock himself there? When we went there was an old man ushering people around the house as Sherlock and making haughty remarks lolol.

M.J. Fifield said...

I too am obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. The BBC version particularly because Benedict Cumberbatch is AWESOME.

That student letter is absolutely priceless but I don't think anything beats that toilet.

Heather said...

HEHE that first picture? That lower building to the right of the wheel? I stayed there for a week after my sixteenth birthday :D Fire alarm went off twice because of the mcdonalds on the other side of the building, but totally worth it for the view!!
So jealous you got to go to London Town :)

Josin L. McQuein said...

I whisper this with utmost trepidation, but... I have never seen Sherlock Holmes.

*expects to be tackled by pea-coat and cape wearing pipe-smokers any minute*

I don't think I've ever seen someone match their toilet to their china pattern before. (Can you imagine that on a gift registry O-o )

Sheepa said...

Same here Josin, I haven't seen it either. But it's always been on my "To watch" list. Should be easy to catch up with fellow fans as each season has only three episodes :)
I'll get down on it asap.

TL Conway said...

Oh, thank goodness, I'm not alone!

Confession: I haven't seen it either.

I really want to, but it's right up there with Dr. Who--I just don't know where to start. Books? TV series?

And I love the flip flops with coat and scarf. Makes TOTAL sense. ;)

Clare C. Greenstreet said...

How nice to see pictures of my city (near enough anyway) from a view of a tourist. Some of the things in the photos I'd normally just ignore. Even the London Eye now.

Kelley said...

OhmyGodyouluckygirl. These pictures made me so happy. I can't see the deer stalker hats now without hearing Sherlock go on about how ridiculous they are.

Keep up the exciting UK adventures and lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

And there was a homeless guy sleeping.


Caroline Starr Rose said...

I'm lovin' the letter.

Astolat said...

Baker Street! Did you see Watson? Sometimes they have a Watson dude who hangs out there with the maids and policemen.

Rebecca T. said...

Did you see the WALL OF SHERLOCK in the Baker Street Station? It is crazy! Also, 221B! I totally wrote a paper on Sherlock senior year of undergrad and MAPPED OUT ALL OF HIS ADVENTURES on a real London map. Because obviously that had to be done.

That letter is beyond perfect and I have a strong urge to make my students write something like that just to see what they would do.

I cannot wait to see Harry Potter's toilet. :) London is the bestest.

Whirlochre said...

Until I started watching Sherlock I thought a cumberbatch was a sandwich too big to hold with both hands.

Proves what I know.

rockinlibrarian said...

This would have been a perfect comment to leave when you post about the Harry Potter Touring, but then it won't be as timely (unless you're in the middle of posting that RIGHT NOW). And it's too long for a Tweet.

But I thought you would be amused by the dream I had about you last night. I was outside Hogwarts-- just watching, actually, maybe I wasn't even there-- and Professors Snape and Lupin (not the movie version, the version in my head whom I like better, though Snape was still Alan Rickman) were striding along together discussing something very serious and earnest, and after one of them said something rather dramatic which I forget now, the camera (or my viewpoint, whatever) pulled back a bit to show that YOU were striding just behind them the whole time, apparently WITH them but working hard to keep up, and you said in response, "Nuh-UH! Really?!" And they just kind of glanced around to nod at you grimly, but I thought it was quite funny. I think you did too, actually. They didn't, but they accepted you anyway.

Okay, that's all, thanks. :)

Sarah Hudson said...

Oh my. How long will it take me to save for a trip to London? *searches Internet* *hums Sherlock theme song*

Sarahbotbonkers said...

This sounds so fun! I love everything Sherlock as well and I could see that you had a blast. I wish I could go visit there and maybe I'd get lucky and see a Sherlock look alike. :)

Holly said...

That is awesome! Thanks for posting about your trip! Now I have the Sherlock theme song stuck in my head.

Julia King said...

This post makes me miss living in England and traveling throughout the country! Sigh. Brings back lots o' good memories.