Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Super Hot Interview

(FYI, yesterday I guest vlogged a truth-or-dare on this blog. In case you missed it. Which you totally should have, don't go watch it, it's not ridiculous or embarrassing and you definitely don't want to hear poetry I wrote when I was seventeen.)

SO. A while ago I put out a call for interview questions for my husband. A "The man behind the woman behind the books behind the back of the bookshelf where they got knocked down and you won't find them until you move" sort of thing. So, people asked and Hot Stuff answered. 

(Now you will understand why my life is so happy. AND I finally got it confirmed that he is being passive-aggressive when he puts dishes away where I can't reach.)

1) Mr. Hot Stuff how do you handle this lil firecracker you call your wife, lol?

Great question. You know, I'm not sure how I handle her. I do know that she could beat me up fairly easily. She likes action movies, whereas I can barely handle "The Wind in the Willows." She also knows some karate and used to own various ninja weapons.

2) Do you speak and treat her the way she talks about you?? :)

Yes. I actually treat her much, much better than she treats me.
Gonna have to slug him for that answer. 

3) Has he read your books? Especially Endlessly? And what did he think?

I have read her books. I usually read them once she finishes a draft. Every once in a while I can get plot details out of her before she writes a story, but she's pretty good at being secretive. I do like her writing, and Endlessly has the best scene Kiersten has ever written in it. I don't think I'm allowed to give it away, but it made me laugh out loud. It's kind of disturbing what goes on in her head.

 Whatever. He totally loves the Dark Side.

4) Mayo, or miracle whip?

Mayo. Actually, I'm kind of in a kick right now where I don't use any dressings on sandwiches or anything else. I don't know why I started doing it, but for some reason I can't stop. I like mayonnaise better though because it works the best with Romanian potato salad. 

Hot Stuff's hand by a Romanian slug. Not an ingredient in Romanian potato salad.

5) What's the best part of being married to a short wife?

Being able to use my height and weight to push her around. She can't move me off the couch, or reach things I put on a high shelf. Whenever she's acting like she's too cool for school, I can just pat her on the head and tell her how adorable she is. That usually brings her back to earth. She does have a HUGE advantage in crowds though, and walking under trees.

 Also advantage in Romanian Castles.

6) Does your wife sometimes call you Lend? :)

Nope. She calls me his full name: "Lenderson" . . . or was it "Lendrew" . . .

7) Does she ever ask you for your input when writing and better yet does she take your advice?

Some days she'll ask me something or tell me a plot point and ask me what I think. Then she ignores my answer. I think she figures if I understand or like something, no one else will. I was pretty happy once because I told her to change something in "Paranormalcy" and she ignored me, but then several other people told her to change the same thing so she had to follow my original advice. HA!

8) How has having a bestselling author for a wife changed your life?

Not too much actually. I still have the same job, and we still live in the same area, and I still go running every other morning, and I still am somewhat scared of coyotes. My wife is gone more on work trips, but it's not that bad since she usually buys me candy before she goes.

9) I hear an author gets $1 for every book sold, and seeing as I've gotten 2 (with 4+ more on my wish list) you've gotten at least $2 from me, what have you done with those $2 and what will you do with the other $4+?

I used your particular $2 to buy 5/8 of a California Burrito at my second favorite place in the whole world: "Mexican Fiesta." It's kind of a long wait for a burrito, but it is well worth it if you are ever in Little Italy in San Diego. I will probably spend your next $4+ on 1.2+ California Burritos from the same place. That's really the only reliable thing I spend money on.

10) Who is the hottest person in his family?

My wife, Kiersten.
This is not a photo of Hot Stuff.

11) Who is his favorite sister in law?

All of them.

12) What's it like being married to a writer?

It's kind of how one would imagine being married to a hippy female version of Captain von Trapp from "The Sound of Music." Mix that with the plot of "Blue Crush" and you pretty much have my current life.

13) Which is your favorite book of your wife's?

All of them. They are all the best books ever. "Mind Games" is extra the best, in my opinion.


Katie Dodge said...

Cute interview. :) My hubby thinks it's funny when I can't reach things in the cupboard too. I don't understand the humor in it. ;)

melissa @ 1lbr said...

That last photo is particularly interesting. I think it adds a lot to the questions and answers. Just sayin'. :)

Kathryn Purdie said...

Love! I'm still trying to picture what the hippy female Captain von Trapp in you exactly is. :-) I think now you should have your husband come up with the questions and interview you!

Dena said...

HAHA!!! Well you're very welcome for the 5/8 of a burrito! And the 1.2+ in the future. Because you know I'm buying all of your wife's books!!! And I'm DYING to get my hands on Mind Games!!! And I want to find this funny scene you're talking about in Endlessly. You're as evil as your wife! Dangling the bait and jerking it away... Like when she told us her sis was crying reading the end of Endlessly... evil Evil EVIL!!! Books need to come out faster!

Lindsey Bench said...

"All of them" is such an endearing nickname for me.

Leigh said...

You guys are too adorable. And funny. Love this.

Christine Rains said...

That's so cute! He knows just what to answer, too, to get himself that candy before you go away. :)

Amber said...

Kiersten, I don't even know HOW to imagine what your life looks life because Hippie-Vontrapp + Blue Crush = does not compute.

It was super nice of him to answer questions. Does he also get candy for that?

Nicole Zoltack said...

So much fun.

elizabeth norris said...

Since my boyfriend and I are both writers (yes, its verifiable) we're always talking about books. It's nice because when we're on deadline we understand what the other one is going through and all the pressure we feel. There's also the added advantage of having someone creative to brainstorm with when we're stuck - something that can't be underestimated!!!

Rhandi said...

You two crack me up- love this! Love you guys!