Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Someone's Going to Get Tased for This

The International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA) has a leak--someone's released top secret information on paranormal creatures. Ever wondered what vampires' weaknesses really are? (Hint: no glitter involved.) Wonder no more! With special artist rendering of what Evie sees under glamours.

Click here for the first stop on the TOP SECRET INFORMATION tour!

Just don't tell them I told you about it. Getting tased would totally ruin my day.


Kate said...

Okay! Awesome! I (surprisingly) have nothing else to say! :) This is just so cool! :) :) :) -Worthy of at least 3 smiley faces!!! -And three exclamation points! :) !!! :):):)

Tiffany Garner said...

Awesome! I'm so excited!! :D

(And don't worry, no tasing from this source ;p)

horrible smile said...

Hi!! :D i love the chocolate too!!!and your book!! but i just wanna know when will be available supernaturally in mexico!!?

Danny said...

Ok .. I still have no clue how this super secret information came our way *looks around* - It just ...uhm happened to appear on our Blog this morning!


Thank you so much, I'm so looking forward learning more and seeing more of this fantastic art work!

Hannah said...

Cool. Love the poster

Kathryn (clean teen fiction) said...

Oh fun fun! That vampire pic is freaky!

Clean Teen Fiction

Shallee said...

SO COOL! Off to check out the link.