Friday, June 24, 2011

Supernaturally Hangs Out

So, I have some bad news for blog fans.

 Last year, after I did this same pose with my first copy of Paranormalcy, I was at dinner with my lovely friend Daisy Whitney, and we were talking about strange author pictures. She said, "I just saw one where the author covered her whole face with her book, just looking over the top." I said, "That was me." Then we laughed.

I'm kind of busy. And by kind of I mean I am in the market for another me. Or two. Or three.

 The backs of my books are freaking gorgeous. I've always loved the back cover copy they use. And the lightning! Still haven't gotten over my love of the lightning.

I've got a bunch of interviews and guest posts to do to get ready for my July blog tour. And we all know how interviews eat my brain. And then I have something very exciting but also brain-eating and time-taking in July as well leading up to Supernaturally's release. Something that I will have to actually, you know, do my hair and stuff for. (THE HORRORS.)

 "Is it always like this here, Paranormalcy?"
"Yes, Supernaturally. It is. Welcome to paradise."
"We've made a lot of Kiersten's dreams come true, haven't we?"
"Oh yeah. She owes us. Big time."
"I want a higher allowance. And no bedtimes."
"That's just the beginning..."

And it's summertime, which means my kids are home. All day. Every day. And they, like, need stuff and stuff.

 "And this, dear Supernaturally, is the Corner of Awesomeness. Welcome."
"It's all so pink! It's so beautiful...I think I'm going to cry."

Plus I kind of now have three books to edit, all at various stages of editing. In, uh, the next three weeks. In addition to everything else.

 Release day friends! Love us! Love us all! Or don't. But if you don't, Calla turns into a wolf, Ashline has volcano powers, and I still have Tasey.
Not that we're threatening you or anything.
But we totally are.

So taking all that into account, it's a pretty safe bet that my blogging is going to suffer some. Usually I like to have two creative things going on at once, and the blog is number two. I currently have five creative things going on. Which is a bit much, even for me. This doesn't mean no blogging. But probably not four or five posts a week.

SLUMBER PARTY. They are all going to stay up late arguing over what movie to watch. And then end up just reading each other, instead.

I used to be puzzled when people would announce things like this and think, just blog when you blog and don't worry about it. But I do get concerned comments from people when I don't blog as often, so I wanted to let you know that I have not died, nor do I plan on it any time soon. I'm just busy vomiting out my brain into other projects. And I'll still be around.

And the best part about all of the bonus stuff I'm doing is that you'll get to see it all and enjoy even more of that brain vomit. Which is the most appealing description of content you've ever heard, now, isn't it?


Sheepa/PegasusZ said...

Understandable :)
As long as you have time to post a new contest every now and then where we come up with creative answers to win your book, I'm fine! :D

Megs said...

Ha ha, oh go do your thing, brilliant one. Fine. Leave us in the lurch...;)

Just kidding. (About leaving us in the lurch, not your brilliance.)

I'm very much looking forward to July, and actually being around when Supernaturally comes out!! YAY! Good luck with it all!

Michelle said...

Kiersten, I'm in awe of your ability to fit in two full lives in the space of one. When y'all need a much-deserved rest, you could come see Ashley's new digs in TX. Move-in day is today!

Whirlochre said...

For every gallon of brain vomit there is a sponge.

beth said...

*gasp* AtU is next to Daughter! SO not worthy.

Daisy Whitney said...

You are so adorable. nice book stack!

Angel's_eyes said...

Haha, cool bookstack.

They all look so pretty....

Still can't wait to read Supernaturally...;P

Kate said...

Love the talking books! Their conversation is truly brilliant! *Laugh! Laugh! Laugh!* :) They are very clever books! :)

Kelly said...

The talking books are great. :) I love that Supernaturally and Across The Universe are in the same picture. That book is great too. Can't wait to read Supernaturally though. :)

LinWash said...

Looking forward to the blog tour and especially having a copy of Supernaturally in my hands. I hope you'll do a book signing at Anderson Bookshop in Naperville!

Marsha Sigman said...

It is way to early to be reading the word vomit repeatedly because now I feel a little queasy. But I did it for

You have absolutely too many things to do for any sane person to accomplish. I totally understand a lighter blog schedule, I mean you have to sleep at some point right?

Shallee said...

Good luck getting everything done! I think we all understand when blogging has to take a back seat.

Also-- I love it when your books talk to each other. :)

Madeleine said...

Get 'er done!

I got all jittery when you mentioned the tour! I can't wait to finally meet you. :D

Rachel Pudelek said...

I know what you mean about the kids needing stuff. :) My kids keep needing food when I'm obviously trying to write a masterpiece. Imagine that. ;)