Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gilbert Blythe Owns My Heart: Guest Post by Sarah Bean

Sarah Bean is a teen librarian (YAY LIBRARIANS!) and a book blogger. Her website, GreenBeanTeenQueen, has pretty much the coolest title ever. Also, she's adorable, and here to talk to us about her ultimate literary crush!

Ah, Gilbert Blythe. Just typing the name out like that makes my sigh. I don’t remember how old I was when I first discovered Gilbert-I was somewhere around seven or eight and my mom had decided to record the eight hour long Anne of Green Gables movie marathon that was on during the PBS telethon. Once I saw it, I was hooked and I watched it almost every day (it would have been every day if my mom would have let me!) I begged my mom for the book series and she bought the entire Anne collection and I found myself lost in Avonlea.

Gilbert was my first book crush. I knew I loved him the moment he called Anne “carrots.” He wasn’t being mean, he was flirting! How could you not see that Anne? I want Gilbert to flirt with me! Ugh-I got so mad when Anne wouldn’t talk to him because how could she not see how adorably cute and nice he was? If she wasn’t going to have him, I’d gladly take him! Dumb Anne Shirley for not seeing the charm of Gilbert-it took her the entire book to finally come around! When he saves her from drowning after the boat gets a leak and she gets stuck-swoon! And when he gives up his teaching post so Anne can stay closer to Marilla and Green Gables-double swoon!! And anytime Jonathan Crombie says “sorry” in the movie version-movie Gilbert swoon!!! But no, it takes Gilbert almost dying for Anne to realize they’re meant to be together. I realized Gilbert and I were meant to be together from the moment I book and movie “met” him! I mean, come on-how can you not love him? He’s cute, he’s funny, he’s smart, and he challenges Anne. He doesn’t always put up with her whining, but at the same time he lets her have her temper and her fits and fume over dumb little things, and he lets Anne be creative and loves and encourages her imagination. I love Anne, I really do, but she can be really dense when it comes to boys.

Even though I was shy as a kid, I had quite the imagination like Anne and boy did we share a temper! Gilbert gave me hope that someday I would meet a boy almost as charming (because let’s face it, no one is as charming as Gilbert Blythe). He gave me hope that even with my wild imagination and crazy temper someone someday would love me as much as Gilbert loved Anne.

My crush on Gilbert hasn’t faded-he’s still my number one book crush. I will happily spend my day watching all eight hours of the Anne movies one and two (but not three-never three!) just so I can dream about Gilbert. I re-read the books and I even listen to them on audio-full book version and radio dramatization when I’m traveling. I’ve dragged my husband to local school productions of Anne of Green Gables (and I get annoyed if they don’t get Gilbert right-he has to be very crush-worthy for it work!) I’ve hosted an Anne of Green Gables tea party and Book Boy Crush party at my library just so I can gush about how much I love Gilbert. I’m seriously addicted.

Boys should go to Gilbert Blythe training school where they learn to be as awesome and charming and crush-worthy. If they did that us girls would be swooning! Luckily I did find an amazing man who is my own Gilbert, but I do think that if Gilbert Blythe came walking out of my copy of Anne of Green Gables and wanted to sweep me off to Avonlea, I would take him up on it-really, who wouldn’t?

So, discuss: Who do you hold to the highest standard of literary love? Who would you transfer directly from the page to your life?


Steph Su said...

Oh man, I remember the "sorry"!!!! And yep, Gilbert was also my childhood crush as well. I can't imagine a good production of Anne of Green Gables, mostly because where are you going to find a guy who can really pull off what Jonathan Crombie immortalized??

Madeleine said...

Gilbert Blythe. My sweet, undying love for Gilbert makes my life just a bit happier. I can't imagine how I managed to wait until I was 13 to read the books!

"And when he gives up his teaching post so Anne can stay closer to Marilla and Green Gables-double swoon!!"

That was one of my favorite Gilbert moments in the first book!

Did you know that a 9th book came out? Her publishers have had it tied up for years, and it's only been published partially in a magazine in the 70's. It's called THE BLYTHES ARE QUOTED. It's a bit more serious (and different in other ways) than the first 8, but it's phenomenal all the same and full of poems by Anne - and later, Walter.

The ANNE OF GREEN GABLES books changed my life. I balled hysterically for more than an hour when I had my dreadful "she's not real" moments. I stayed home from school because I was so shocked and depressed after [blank] died in book 8. I laugh and cry and feel a ticklish feeling in my stomach when I read them. They're such a blessing.

Overall, I think that Marilla, Nan, Di, GILBERT, etc, and especially Anne, have changed my life.

And there's no way in heck that I'm going to marry anyone who doesn't measure up to Gilbert Blythe. :D

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Steph-So true-no school production can get Anne right-Jonathan Crombie and Megan Follows are Anne and Gilbert for me!

Madeline-I've had those feelings of sadness when you realize you can't really escape to Avonlea and that if I really did visit Green Gables Anne and Gilbert wouldn't be there. I heard about the 9th book, but haven't read it. Glad to hear it measures up!! The Anne books really are life changing!

Larissa said...

Ah, Gilbert Blythe. Definite swoon.

Kristan said...

"And anytime Jonathan Crombie says “sorry” in the movie version-movie Gilbert swoon!!!"


There's only one problem here... I will fight you to the death for Gilbert Blythe!!

(Or do you think there's enough of him to go around?)

lora96 said...

oh yes, the round, boyish pronunciation of "I'm sORry, Anne" *swooooon* he was my book boy crush too. still is.

and colonel brandon from Sense and Sensibility. And Cap Garland in the little house books...forget Almanzo I liked blonds :)

yabooknerd said...

I ADORE Gilbert. He's super cute, and witty, and clever. I like smart boys :) I have to admit that I'm extraordinarily fond of Mr. Darcy as well.

Mariah said...

I loved Gilbert! Definitely my first book crush as well! And if I'm looking for a classically romantic guy he is still the one I look to!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Larissa-Yes, much swooning when Gilbert is mentioned!

Kristan-I hope there's enough Gilbert for everyone-he seems to be a lit crush of many readers!

Lora96-I had a crush on TV Almanzo-not really sure why! And I smile every time I think about the why Gilbert says "sorry"-he could talk to me all day!

YABookNerd-Gilbert is very witty and smart. I also love Mr. Darcy-especially when he's played by Colin Firth!:)

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Mariah-You said it so perfectly-Gilbert is classically romantic!

Jeanne said...

I love that so many other people are in love with Gil! Notice the present tense. Part of me is still in love with him and always will be.
If only I could find someone to call me carrots. :)

Andrea Cremer said...

No one can compare to Gilbert!! Great post :)

Fourth Musketeer said...

I think my first book crush was Rhett Butler, when I saw the movie and read the book in 4th grade (back in the days when people saw these old movies in the movie theatre). Can you believe I didn't discover Gilbert until I was pretty much an adult--when I first saw the series on PBS and then read the books when I was in my 20's! It's hard to imagine better casting than they came up with, all the way around. I hope they never re-make it--there's nothing to improve on.

Dara said...

Gilbert was crushworthy. I've had so many literary crushes though it's sad :P

I think the first one I fell for was when I was nine and I was reading the American Girl books. I loved Ben from the Felicity series. Even though there was never any "romance" in the series (he was 16, she was 10) I always imagined them getting together when she got older. And I LOVED him too!

Lale said...

I think that most guys in teen fiction these days are boyfriend material only- except for Roger from 'Amy & Roger's Epic Detour' by Morgan Matson. For once, a guy who wasn't creepy, scary or a hopeless doofus. Or too perfect, either. (Perfection is bleugh.)

Kathryn said...

Sarah, you'll have to go to Prince Edward Island one day. They're all over that! I think they still might have the house they used to film the series up for visitors. :)

Katrina L. Lantz said...

As soon as I saw the title of this post, I was nodding in fervent agreement. Like you said, who wouldn't take him if he asked?

The literary crush thing is so pervasive! What girl doesn't have one? Author/agent Mandy Hubbard blogged recently about unrequited love: http://mandyhubbard.livejournal.com/234628.html

That's certainly how my feelings for Gilbert, Edward, and Darcy would be described--unrequited. I give them my most charming smile. I get stiff, papery, dusty silence in return.

*sobs and goes to read Anne of Green Gables one more time*

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Jeanne-You're right-Gilbert is always a current crush!:) I always wanted red hair just so someone could call me carrots.

Andrea-Thanks-I think any booklover has crushed on Gilbert at some point.

Fourth Muskateer-Rhett is very crush-worthy! And I agree-the movie version is so perfectly cast they never could remake it.

Dara-Ben sounds crush-worthy! I always imagined characters futures too-I'd pick out who should get married in each book I read-I still do!

Lale-I just checked that book out from my library! I can't wait to read it! There are so many crush-worthy boys in YA!

Kathryn-I would love to! I have a friend who has a teenage daughter that I call my future librarian. She loves books and the Anne series as much as I do, so I'm hoping I can take her Prince Edward Island when she graduates in four years! I need to go with someone who will love it as much as I do!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Katrina-I love it! Stiff papery dust in return-so true! We need to figure out a way to make these boys real!:)

ella144 said...

Gilbert was definitely my first book-boy crush and is still on the top of the list, but I have a confession to make. I have fallen head over heels for Wizard Howl.

(Oh the guilt! Oh the swooning!)

I bought Howl's Moving Castle after seeing the movie and will probably have to replace my copy soon. It's pretty well-loved now, and I usually have to beg, barter, or steal it from my kids when I want to reread it.

But Gilbert will always be my first crush.

Katrina L. Lantz said...

Ooh! Going to check out Howl's Moving Castle. Thanks for the book rec.

Queen Sarah, I second the notion. Maybe we need a book about a group of girls who decide the same thing, find a spell book, and cast a spell to bring the aforementioned literary hunks into the real world. Oooh the complications. I love it.

Christina said...

I agree. Boys should go to Gilbert Blythe training school! He is one of my favorite literary crushes as well.

And I so remember the Sorry! I just love his face. :)

Nomes said...

ahhh. I love this post. Every single word of it.

And, yeah, LOL @ "sorry" - which, funnily enough, he has to say to Anne a lot :) - definite swoon moments.

I'm not sure who else really beats Gil for me....


Alison said...

Gilbert (the actor) is incredibly handsome. In the 3rd Anne movie (a silly movie that shouldn't have been made) he looked just as handsome while Megan Follows had aged significantly.

Mireyah Wolfe said...

Ahhh...Gilbert. *dreamy sigh*

I started reading the Anne books when I was nine--the first series I read that really caught my interest. I *adored* Gilbert. Still do. I have to say, he blows Edward, Jacob, and all those other fictional boys out of the water!

It's nice to hear someone put him in the Crush Light for once. :)

Team Gilbert FTW. =D

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Ella-I watched Howl's Moving Castle with my anime club and all the girls were swooning over Howl! You're not alone!:)

Katrina-Love it! That would make a great book!!

Christina-I know, he has the cutest puppy dog looks. I seriously could watch that movie all day.

Nomes-Thanks! I don't know why I loved when he said sorry- I think that's just part of his charm.

Alison-So true! It was a terrible terrible movie and I watched it only for the Anne/Gilbert scenes which there weren't nearly enough of. But Jonathan Crombie/Gilbert looks very handsome!

Mireyah-Oh, Gilbert could totally win in a crush fight over Edward and Jacob! Team Gilbert all the way!:)

Annie said...

I <3 Gil! Partly because I have had a mad book-boy-crush on him since I was like, ten, and partly because my husband and I have a very Anne-Gilbert love story. *swoon!*

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

Gilbert blythe was also my first fictional crush too and I loved the movie too.

going to watch again. i < 3 Gilbert

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Loved this post. It made me fall in love with the Anne books all over again. As for my first literary crush - I'll have a think and get back to you on that one. xx

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Annie-I love that you and your husband have an Anne-Gilbert love story! How perfect!:)

Julie-My mother-in-law was so happy to get a daughter in the family (she has three boys) so she would have someone to watch Anne of Green Gables with. We had a movie marathon last Thanksgiving!:)

Josephine-There's just so many book boys to choose from!

Kelly Bryson said...

Haha- I just requested the Anne books from the library on CD so we can listen on our super long road trip. I can't wait for my kiddoes to meet someof my best childhood friends. Gil totally shaped my ideal of a husband.

Lola Sharp said...

Gil FTW!!!

Mary Clare said...

Ooh, I love favorite cute fictional boy conversations! One of my current favorites is Michael Moscovitz from the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. He is sweet and polite and very swoon-worthy, but Mia and Michael are perfect for each other. If Michael showed up in real life I'd be like, where is Mia? :) haha. I also love Gilbert Blythe, though. I used to watch the cartoon series and then read the books because I liked it so much. Yay for Gilbert!

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Kelly-Girls should learn from Gilbert about relationships and what to look for!

Lola-Go Team Gilbert!:)

Mary-Oh, I love Michael too-he is so super cute and adorable and I love him and Mia together.

Eli Ross, Writer said...

I'm with all of you on Gilbert--lovely daydreams about him for several decades now. Also Howl, Darcy and Almanzo (all those long trips through the snow, to and from the Brewster's). But what about Ged in Earthsea? or Strider!!!! Even before LOTR movie madness, he was in my top 10. And, ok, I know this is strange, but I'd give anything to be Georgie Pilson's best friend.

GreenBeanTeenQueen said...

Eli-The only characters out of that list I know are Gilbert, Darcy and Almanzo-but I'll trust you that the others are amazingly crush-worthy! I have some new books to read!

Anonymous said...

Greetings everyone! I'm baaack! *sung very badly* Wait! What do you mean you don't know who it is?
Just kidding, it's the one and only (that I know of) Freya! :)
I'm sitting here eating a big bowl of fresh watermelon. Yummy. *contented sigh*
But oooh something more fascinating has captured my attention! Fictional boys! (even moire yummy!)
I'm an oddball in this conversation I suppose. My first fictional crush was Prince Char from Ella Enchanted (by Gail Carson Levine). That was like the first book I read that wasn't about horses. lol Yes, I was a tomboy and passionately against romance. (I mean I grew up with boys, kissing them=YUCK in my book! lol Now I love reading romance books but I still don't kiss boys meself. :P)
Than I liked Finn in The Books Of Bayern (by Shannon Hale) I actually only read Anne Of Green Gables last year, and I did like them prety well but I thought Gilbert could have been in them a bit more. lol :)
Mmmm watermelon...
So someone tell me, who's your latest fictional crush? Hmm? What the most recent book you read where the hero made you swoon? LOL
Mine was Quince from Forgive My Fins. :D
I wonder what kind of guys Paranormalcy will have! Ooooh exciting thought!!!!
Yours Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-ly,
Freya ;)

Nishant said...

you'll have to go to Prince Edward Island one day.
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Eli Ross, Writer said...

A post on literary crushes at this blog:

fadingfire said...

he's to adorable for words to say... sighz my sister felt the same way for mr. darcy.. but he's dumb.. and when in the book, he passes anne the heart shaped candy that said "you are sweet" i was SOO JEALOUS.. i was rereading the boook half an hour ago.. and i realized who silly anne is.. WHO WOULDNT FALL FOR GIL?? HE IS THE CUTEST MOST ADORABLE CUTIE IN THE WORLD(of books atleast) but i didnt imagine him the way the actor is.. he was cuter in my head..

fadingfire said...

i bet none of u love him as much as i doo.. he so much better compared to the ultra hottie across the street.. gilbert surely knows how to make a girl SWOON! i mean when he passes anne the heart candy in the book that says "YOU ARE SWEET" was to much to bare.. and the part when he passes the school for her.. MEGA FLIRTING.. I'm in lurve.. with him and Prince Caspian from Narnia Chronichles.. but WHY do they have to get married? TORTURE!

win_Kat110 said...

I would definitely have to say "Gilbert Blythe". I read the book when I was 10 in the 4th grade for a book report. In 5th, I continued on with Anne of Avonlea. Then I went on to complete the series. Gilbert is the epitome of growth/maturity for a teenage boy to a man. How he reacted to get Anne's attention is typical of pre-teen/teen boys and the ackwardness of teasing/flirting. I even saw the Japanese anime series (in Japanese and they even dubbed it in Filipino), it was accurate particularly the 2 scenes (the glass slate and the boat sinking/rescue).

kitkat said...

Gilbert Blythe, I couldn't agree more. Sure made book reports fun to read and write. I saw the Japanese anime also (in Japanese and a dubbed version in Filipino), It stayed true to the book,also these 2 scenes are accurate; the slate scene and the boat sinking/rescue scene.