Friday, October 16, 2009

Arguments! Excitement!

So, Hot Stuff and I got in an argument the other day. For anyone that actually knows us, that's probably shocking information. We've been together eight years now without a fight to our name. (I might come across as a little, I don't know, high strung? but in real life I'm pretty chill. Trust me. No, seriously, I'm chill! Fine, don't believe me then. Shut up.)

We were driving to church and talking about the Snow Patrol concert I'm going to tomorrow (SNOW PATROL! TOMORROW! EEEEEEEEEEE! Ahem, sorry).

Hot Stuff: Someone at my work said that she used to like Snow Patrol, but they sold out.

Kiersten: What?? What on earth is she talking about? What, they weren't allowed to get popular? I'd say if anything their last CD was less mainstream than the previous one. A lot of their songs were really different sounding. Besides, which is worse, a band making the same songs over and over again, or growing and changing? What's the point in buying their music if it never changes?!

Hot Stuff: Umm, you realize I have no idea what you are talking about.

At which point I laughed, because I was totally arguing with his absent coworker through him. And he doesn't listen to music much at all. NPR guy, through and through.

Anyhow. Anonymous co-worker of my husband: YOU ARE WRONG. It's the same as people who don't like new books by their favorite authors because it isn't the same as the previous one.

It shouldn't be the same!!


(Remember what I was saying about being chill in real life?)

Anyway. I'm going to leave you with a couple of presents. After all, my life right now? Pretty stinking cool. I'm going to my very first concert tomorrow, and then next week at this time I'll be hanging out at Harper. Oh. So. Cool. My apologies to whomever's life it is I've taken over, but I'm not giving it back.

Present One: SPARKLES

Present Two

Present Three

There. You're welcome. Happy weekend!


Tara said...

Having never heard Snow Patrol before, I first thought the song for the blackberry ad was the group. I'm glad I din't click stop. Thanks for introducing me to them.

Rachel said...

That was a doozy of a fight. I'm glad you guys are strong enough to survive it.

Thanks for the presents. I'm terribly embarrassed to say I haven't listened to Snow Patrol before...they're awesome.

Don't forget Jacques Torres Chocolate in NYC. Of course, if you go there, you'll be dreaming of it forever after, so maybe it's better if you don't go.

Marsha Sigman said...

I wish I could rub your head for luck.LOL That is not a short dig AT ALL.

I do realize what you have is not due to luck but really hard work and dedication..still it couldn't hurt.

lotusgirl said...

LOL! Snow Patrol is great. Have a great time at the concert! Thanks for the videos. Great songs.

JaneyV said...

I believe you. I believe everything you say. You are right. Always. So there.

Mariah Irvin said...

I love that they've changed their music; it's become less commercial and pop-like.

I'm completely jealous that you get to go to the concert. It reminds me of how I won tickets to one of their private concerts and couldn't go :(

ChristaCarol said...

Teehee, what a fight :P That sounded more like a tiff! But yes, Snow Patrol ROCKS MY SOCKS. And you made me laugh on the life you've taken over line. Haha, that's great. Enjoy the concert! I've been to two in my life (unless you count those radi concerts that are outside and have a variety of diff. bands): New Kids on the Block (uh, showing my age? And no, it wasn't a recent one) and Matchbox 20.

Jess said...

Ooh, I love Snow Patrol! I just saw them in concert a few weeks ago, and they were wonderful. Have fun!

Lily Robinson said...

I am so living life through you! A teensy bit of envy is OK, isn't it?

Natalie Whipple said...

Your life does pretty much rock. Please pretend I'm at the concert with you—then it would be PERFECT.

Sara said...

At least you were only arguing with his co-worker, not him.
Unfortunately, I often have that exact argument w/my bf... well not usually about Snow Patrol... but about music. ;/

Megs said...

Awesome! Have so much fun (both at the concert and in New York)!!! I'm so excited for you. Things are finally looking totally "up" for you (not that life isn't full of lovely meaningfuls and joys, but, well, then there are AMAZINGS).

Megs said...

P.S. Thanks for the presents! :)

Little Brother said...

The exact same problem plagues the killers. People get mad at their new cd's for "not being like the old one", which is absolutely ridiculous. If I wanted a cd just like the old one, I would listen to the old one. And the other ridiculous thing is that you know most of those people would get mad if the cd was like the old one because it would be "unoriginal".

Dominique said...

Oh my god, how have I never heard of this band?
"Crack the Shutters" is the most romantic song I've heard in months.
Thanks. :D

DebraLSchubert said...

Have fun at your first concert. By the time I was your age, being the rock princess that I am, I'd been to at least one hundred concerts. And, NYC (my home town!) & your uber-fab agent? OMG are you in for a treat!

Hayley said...

Great weekend beginning present, thank you, and you're right why buy something if it never changes that defeats the purpose of buying new things.

Anita Saxena said...

Enjoy the concert and have a fab weekend!

Liam said...

Yay for Kiersten! Happiness! I think I'm going to a concert in December. Yayz!

Venus Vaughn said...

I totally thought you were going to finish that a different way:

Hot Stuff: Someone at my work said that she used to like Snow Patrol, but they sold out.

Kiersten: What?? What on earth is she talking about? What, they weren't allowed to get popular? etc...

Imaginary Hot Stuff: Uh, their concert sold out. She still likes them.

That's how the marriage-wrecking argument went in my mind.

Adam Heine said...

"It's the same as people who don't like new books by their favorite authors because it isn't the same as the previous one.

It shouldn't be the same!!"

Someone should tell that to Dan Brown.

Sorry, cheap shot.

Your life does rock, Kiersten. I keep coming here in the hopes that some of it will rub off.

writtenwyrdd said...

Okay, now I want to hear some Snow Patrol (can't watch You Tube from work). I like adding to my collection of this-decade music, because living in the back of beyond, we get only top 40 and country. I don't really care for either, so I listen to jazz on the internet.

But I like to buy new(er) music and listen to that on my mp3 player.

Lora96 said...

Have fun at the concert! You'll love it.

I haven't been to one in a long time but my fave was (showin my age too, ChristaCarol...) Train/Matchbox 20 the week after 9/11.

Enjoy NYC you have to get one of those I <3 NYC t-shirts they sell outside central park for $5. I clean house in mine and remember my awesome weekend there.


Lindsay Price said...

Oh the old artists selling out argument. Why aren't artists allowed to change? Or make money? We have to pay our mortgages too. No one ever accuses the dentist for selling out because he/she brings in teeth whitening into their practice.

And I totally agree that the artist who explores change is the artist who is growing, not selling out.

CMOM Productions said...

Congrats on your first concert! I hope it was everything you expected! :)