Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Hot Stuff Rocks #967

From our daily IM lunchdate:

Hot Stuff: btw, what's with your creepy what does james mcavoy smell like quiz on twitter? celebrity crush?
Kiersten: ha, no, that was just a game Stephanie started
Hot Stuff: sure...
Kiersten: lol, I promise I don't have a crush on him.
Hot Stuff: I'm just glad you haven't found out about my Angela Lansbury website . . .

Sigh. How can a girl expect to compete with Mrs Pots?


Natalie Whipple said...

You're supposed to say, "I only have a crush on him because he looks like you." Which, in this case, is fairly accurate.

Nick said...

That's got to be a surprise to find out your wife is crushing on Mr. Tumnus.

Renee Collins said...

Own it, Kierst. A celebrity crush is nothing to be ashamed of. ;)

Dominique said...

You are celebrity crushing on James McAvoy? Why? He's fantastic.

Marybeth Poppins said...

I'd never be ashamed to say that James is lovely! :)

lotusgirl said...

Yes. James McAvoy! Ahem, I mean, he's a very good actor. Stephanie has great taste. Of course, Angela Lansbury was quite something in her day. Are you sure you're not jealous.

Jessie Oliveros said...

My husband and I came to the understanding at the very beginning that Brittany Murphy and Colin Firth will always be our second loves.

Lora said...

C'mon. At least James McAvoy is a fairly respectable celeb crush. Mine is much worse...a relic from the 80's...when I was too little to stay up and watch Moonlighting. Yup.Bruce Willis.

In Die Hard.

In Armageddon.

That guest shot on Friends.

I even paid to see Live Free Die Hard.

Though it never actually occurred to me to wonder how he smelled...probably bc he is in all those sweaty action flicks surrounded by diesel exhaust and blood.


Liam said...

Oh, well, if and only if I had a girlfriend a Saturday morning would go like this:

Moi: Hey, _______.
Her: How's it going?
M: pretty ok. Just bored.
H: Bored! By ME! How dare you!*
M: No, not by you, by the fact that Lauren Conrad doesn't have anything new on Twitter.
H: Lauren. Flipping. Conrad?
M: (while not realizing the delicacy of the situation)well, her and Taylor Swift. So hot!
H: Well, then, I guess you wouyldn't mind the fact that I am Owner Admmin of a forum all about Taylor Lautner.
M: Huh?

*Any girl I dated would probably say, "How darest thee!" to appeal to my love of Shakespeare.

Not that I care or anything, just that *sniff sniff* I am outloved by a werewolf!

Whirlochre said...

Angela Lansbury's hairdo deserved its own TV show.

Magic, chat, hotsy potsy danceathon — she could have made a fortune out of that ludicrous abuse of style/folliculozoomitude.

Kiersten White said...

Natalie--I'm not sure if that makes it better or creepier...still, clearly I am a sucker for huge blue eyes.

Nick--I love a man in hooves.

Liam--You and your imaginary girlfriend need to stop bickering. Can't you two kids work it out? Or can't you at least imagine a less combatitive girlfriend?

Everyone else--Of COURSE I am threatened by Angela Lansbury. And her hair.

Novice Writer Anonymous said...

A very good celebrity crush to have, in my opinion. OK, now I want to go watch Penelope again.

Megs said...

ha ha. :)

Liam said...

Maybe I'll get a real one one of these days! I tried once...RJECTED!
I find that subtle hints work wonders.

Carrie Harris said...

That's quite a coincidence. Because I have it on very good authority that James McAvoy smells like Angela Lansbury.

Wee Hotty Scotty said...

what do you mean you dont have a crush on me??

okay, going to go die now.

Nadine said...

LOL - your hubby is funny!!