Monday, August 10, 2009


Sure, I've disappointed you
With poems far too late, it's true
but three hours today
I whiled away
In doctor's offices--boo hoo.

As suggested by Whirl:

The shop in which I buy the meat
has products that are very neat
Bloody, gristly, tough to chew
Still, I think that haunch will do
I've got a new pet, my Lupus
And he's bound to be ravenous
so I'll take a whole side of fresh cow
Got to feed my pup somehow
What breed you ask? You'll find out soon!
Ask me at the next full moon.


Megs said...

3 hours? Ick. It sounds like we both had fun visiting doctors today. :(

On a brighter note, great poems. :)

Wounded Little Brother said...

Okay, I was plenty okay to ignore it the first time, but this has gone on long enough. Why the snub, sister? Why?

Kiersten said...

You'll notice I also snubbed Renee. Plus, I was snubbing FakeThomYorke more than you. Don't take it personally.

Little Brother said...

Pretty sure FakeThomYorke has feelings too.

FakeThomYorke said...

I exist?!?