Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Poem

"So Much to Do"
As suggested by Crow Productions
by Kiersten

So much to do
so much to say
I don't know what
to pick today!

I'll write a book
I'll write a song
I'll organize
I can't go wrong!

I'll clean my room
I'll sketch, I'll weed
I'll teach my kids
just how to read!

With no limits
sheer potential
I'll start it all
after one email...

And some blogging
facebooking, too
a touch of Twitter
That's what I'll do.

What is the time?
You're kidding, right?
Not a thing done
and now it's night.

But then again
no need to fear
Soon enough now
tomorrow's here.


Weronika said...


lotusgirl said...

Cute! and so true!

Shelli said...

i know what you can do - sit back, put your feet up, and sit in the joy of your book deal :)

jckandy said...

Ah, Kiersten, you have such an ear for poetry. More sensible than Dr. Seuss, yet less convoluted and weird than e.e.cummings. Not that I'm an expert. I'm just saying.

Kaotic said...

Sounds like my day so far, and before it reaches the same dead end, I'd better get my act together and start working!

Really liked the poem. :-)

Carrie Harris said...

You need to do a book a la Shel Silverstein. I'd buy it.

Tara said...

Is there a better way to spend a Monday? Fun poem.