Monday, July 6, 2009

Your Poems

You asked for them. I present: Extreme Poetry. A handful of poems based on the suggestions in the last post.

The Exuberant Giraffe (Suggested by Whirl)

This poor exuberant Giraffe
Is prone to the social gaffe
His short jokes are tacky
His sense of style, wacky
At least he can make us all laugh.

The Great Dance: An Epic Poem (Suggested by FairyHedgehog)

Vlog the Diminutive Troll
was on something of a roll
In each ballet contest
he was simply the best
All competition was bowled.

But one day, to his great dismay
around him leaped and sashayed
a goblin so graceful
whose dance was so tasteful
Vlog was crushed in the fan fray.

Nursing his wounds and his pride
Vlog crawled off determined to hide.
But soon, inspiration!
Then determination
Across the dance floor to glide.

No pirouettes for him now
a new beat had moved him somehow
He locked and he popped
he breaked, then he stopped
That goblin was so going down.

The day of the dance-off was here
Creatures came from far and near
The goblin was smokin'
But Vlog wasn't jokin',
Demanded the whole stage be clear.

His rhythm astounding and pure
This wasn't graceful or demure
The crowd watched in awe
The last thing they saw
Was Vlog's grand finale of pulling out his battle axe, massacring all of them, and declaring himself the Hip Hop Grand Champion.

Now for a change of pace, how about some free form?

A Donkey Named Sheba (Suggested by Kaotic)

Shackled and work worn
Walking in infinite circles
her gaze drifts away

In her dreams
a Queen

(Dude, I don't know about you, but I'm touched.)

And finally, as suggested by Whirl,

MoMo Hip Hop Puke Scoop Blues

Yesterday while at dinner
I caught my son's vomit
in a paper plate

Mad skills indeed
No clean up necessary
He tosses his cookies
I toss the plate
And everyone goes back to eating

Such is my life

And that concludes this round of Extreme Poetry. Thanks for playing!

Coming tomorrow: Something that makes sense! Then again, probably not.


Whirlochre said...

I've not been wearing any socks today as it's so warm, but if I had, I'd have laughed them off.

Kiersten said...

Well thank goodness. I'd hate for anything to happen to the pink stripety socks.

fairyhedgehog said...

Those were great fun! I especially liked the MoMo Hip Hop Puke Scoop Blues

pjd said...

I love this Xtreme Poetry idea. It could grow legs. I may have to try it out myself, if I can ever get some time. (My haiku wednesday is a sort of xtreme poetry, I guess.)

These are terrific, especially the one about the donkey. My only suggestion is that you remove the parentheses from the "dude I'm touched" line and include it as the last line of the poem.

Renee Collins said...

The last poem cracked me up! Seriously hilarious. :)

When are you going to write your book of humorous poems, Kierst? I'm tellin' you, it'd be huge!

Kaotic said...

Oh boy, I had a good laugh. Now there's a great way to start my Tuesday.

Also, the Queen's truly touched!;-)