Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Extreme Poetry: A Day Late

I didn't write poems yesterday,
it's true
But if you spent the night with Dojo
neither would you.

The prompt 3:33 AM from Storyqueen:

My eyes protest
it cannot be
the clock, it reads
my boy is breathing
so very loud
he would make
Darth Vader proud.

The prompt Yogurt from Whirlochre:

Once, in junior high
I forgot to bring a spoon
But yogurt needed eating
that lovely afternoon
Being smart and clever
I borrowed my drink's straw
and sucked that yogurt through it
into my awaiting maw.
It really was disgusting
and I'm sorry to say
that I still can't eat yogurt
to this very day.

And finally, Carrie Harris suggested the idea of being a midget in a land of giants:

I may not be able to reach
(despite trying with all my might)
the highest shelves in cupboards
But I'm more comfortable on flights
I never lack for leg room
I never hit my head
And I've yet to find my legs
dangling off the end of beds.

Sorry I don't have time for more, but I'm meeting the MoMos, my writing group, for lunch! Party. Hopefully someone else remembers a camera, because mine's in California.


DJ FOX said...

Cuteness! Your posts just ooze cute. =)

storyqueen said...

Ha-ha! I like mine best!

3:33 a.m. rocks!


Natalie said...

Seriously, 3:33 AM is one awesome little bit of poem.

Kiersten said...

I seem to come up with one gem per batch. Way to inspire me, Shelley!

Caroline Grace: said...

Mmkay...I can't even express in comment form how much I love the yogurt poem.