Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Up

Well, not much.

I always wonder if anyone cares what's going on in my life writing wise. I mean, how can that possibly compete with undead bubble gum egg pooping chickens? But, for the two of you out there who are interested, here's what's up:


I know, thrilling right? I wish something was up. Trust me, I really, really do. After hearing back from nearly every single editor that Flash was great but too old for their YA lists (apparently eighteen is the new eighty in YA), we've pulled it. I'm going to do a rewrite bumping Sarah from eighteen to twenty-one, and then Michelle will sub it to houses that aim for in between teenagers and adults.

A couple of weeks ago I did some content edits on Instinct, then finished a complete line edit this weekend. After Michelle reads it, we'll decide whether it would be better to lead with Flash or Instinct.

And after I finish my massive Flash edit, I'll go back to Paranormalcy. The back half, while filled with absolutely adorable flirting, moves too slowly, so there's a lot of paring down and tightening to be done.

And after that...back to my poor, set aside work in progress, the ghost story. I'm 40,000 words in and it was tempting to push on to the end, but I want to perfect the three I already have before adding yet another book to the editing queue.

So that's that. While I wanted to smack my head against the counter while editing Instinct ("slightly" AGAIN? Are you KIDDING ME, Kiersten?!?), I think it's in pretty good shape now. And it still has some of the most rocking kissing scenes ever, in my exceedingly humble opinion. And trust me, my opinion of my writing these days is very, VERY humble.


sraasch said...

I feel ya on the 18-80 thing. Apparently there's a huge gap in readership -- there are 17 year old readers, then there are 22 year old readers. NO ONE in between. Which does kind of make sense -- what college student has the time? I mean, besides me. *sigh* It's a tough area.

heidikins said...

Ah honey, stick with it--you are amazing!


Kristy Colley said...

First - I care.
Second - My niece (15) dresses like a 23 year-old. And acts like one(or so she thinks). What's up with these KIDS? Eighteen too old? Argh.
Oh well, good luck!

The Pearl Poet said...

Eighteen is too old? Wha??? Wasn't Bella in Twilight 17? Go fig. Good luck with the rewrites. Why not make her younger? Time and patience are necessary in the world of publishing!

Natalie said...

I miss, Loren, but I totally understand...what with my ridiculously long queue of things to be edited...oy.

T. Anne said...

It doesn't sound like nothings up at all, in fact you sound pretty busy!

Kiersten said...

Yes, Sara, you give me hope for your kind ; ) He he he...

Thanks, heidikins! When are you going to write your book, by the way?

Kristy, yeah. A couple of them said maybe if Sarah were in high school, but the story really, really wouldn't work like that.

Pearl, exactly--Bella was in *high school*, which is apparently the cutoff for many of these houses. But like I said, it just wouldn't work for the story.

Natalie--exactly. I don't want to get too behind. I've already been slacking on my edits. Loren's not going anywhere ; )

T. Anne--he he, yeah, I guess so.

Anna Claire said...

I feel your pain on the age thing. My protag is in college. I've already been told by an agent that she's too old for YA but too young for adult. Hmph.

Megs said...

That's what editors are for right? To keep us humble? ;) I'm quite surprised by the 18 is too old thing, but now that you mention it, I do notice that trend. Hm. Strange. I think they should branch out. In the mean time, good luck editing!

lotusgirl said...

good luck changing things up! I can identify with having too much adorable flirting. While it's fun to write and fun to read it really can drag down the story. That's one of the things I've been cutting out of my wip.

Renee Collins said...


I feel your pain. :) Well, you know my feelings on the situation.

On the bright side, Natalie, you, and I can all have an editing party! Woo Hoo, right?!

Anthony said...

I don't get it.

It is a well known phenomena that younger tweeners/teens like to read about teens older than they are.

That whole "when I am bigger" thing.

At least with BOYS. I wonder if this is a GIRL thing?

Is this something so simple as... "we don't have a place on the shelf for it?" type of thing?

In any event, if you are getting positive feedback and now doing a cha-cha about positioning, while frustrating, that's awesome.

Your agent sounds good.

Litgirl01 said...

I always marvel at the fans you have! They love your marvelous sense of humor and witty posts.

Hope you get back to writing soon. Seems like everyone is having a dry spell at the moment. :-/

Kiersten said...

I marvel at my fans, too, LitGirl, although I think of them more as friends ; )

DebraLSchubert said...

Good God, girlfriend! Hang in there. The frustration in this business is, how do you say, huge? endless? maddening? all of the above? You are amazing and I know your work is as well. Know we, your virtual cheerleaders, are out here with our pom poms and bullhorns. "Go, Kiersten, Rah, Rah, Rah!" And, no, I won't pull out my old uniform and try it on while I cheer for you. (Much to my husband's dismay.) ;-)

Patti said...

I just think it's amazing that your balancing between three books. I find it really difficult.

JaneyV said...

I slump back into my chair (well - mound of pillows on my bed) and exhale in a most deflated manner. 18 is too old for YA? If I'm 16 I want to read about an 18 year-old. I personally think that a YA book could have a protag in her 80s as long as the issues and the content were pitched at the right age group (I have no idea how you would do this - but I am sure it could be done).

It's that whole marketing thing isn't it? These days it isn't enough to write a totally awesome book, brilliantly, but you have to have a marketing strategy in mind while you do it.

Then there are books like The Graveyard Book where the MC is a child most of the way through. It's not a child's book though. Most of the people I know who have read it are adults. Can you imagine if the publishers had told Mr Gaimen to make Bod older? ACK! I think this concept assumes teens are dum and unable to imagine. It's all wrong!

I feel your pain.

I wish you well in all your editing and re-writing endeavours. Whatever you do will rock! Of this I am certain.

Carrie Harris said...

Just wanted to mention that Instinct is MADE OF AWESOME. And I haven't even gotten to the kissing scenes yet.

Keep on keeping on, girl. We'll be on that panel yet.

Lady Glamis said...

Wow, sometimes nothing is a good thing. Great time to step back and focus on other things that maybe we neglected in the past. Good luck with everything! I think it's amazing what you're doing. :D

Kiersten said...

Debra--come on, surely you can still fit in it? Just try...

Carrie--Yes, The Panel must happen!

Thanks all, you guys rock.

Kristan said...

I'm CERTAIN this is old news to you now, and maybe it doesn't matter as much since you've got the 3-book deal with HarperTeen, but JUST IN CASE: You know St. Martin's Press is looking for books to appeal to between-teens-and-adults, right? 'Cause they are.

There was a contest ( ) but it's over, but it's okay b/c you have an agent and are awesome and don't need to win a contest to get published. Still, JJ and Dan Weiss at St. Martin's Press. Would probably love to have an awesome writer like you!