Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ever Feel Like This?

Yeah? Me, too.

Good thing I have a husband who can always make me smile. Example:

(Taken from a conversation about some good friends of ours.)

HS: So the Records are moving?

K: Nothing definite, they're just looking at some options.

HS: That would be sad if they moved. They're fun. Kristen's nice and Shawn's cute.

K: That's a little creepy. At least you didn't say Kristen was cute.

HS: People think that I'm Shawn Record.

K: Why?

HS: Because I tell them I'm Shawn Record.


~Jamie said...

haha LOVE the picture! My daughter is currently running around in full Dorothy garb... complete with blue bows and all... I actually can't remember the last time she woke up wanting to wear real clothes, we battle it out when necessary, but the rest of the time I take my tiny princess/superhero/pirate with me to the store. :)

Renee Collins said...

Ha! Awesome pic. The princess dress is the perfect touch.

Kiersten said...

Jaime--I'm so with you there. I remember pre-kids when I would see moms out and their children would be in ridiculous outfits--pajamas, costumes, completely mismatched stuff, etc--I'd think, come on, Mom. Now I'm very firmly in the, what do I care, they're dressed, aren't they? mindset!

Renee--Yes, this is what Disney never told you--the DARK side of princesses. Trust me, grumpy wasn't just a dwarf...

candicekennington said...

I've been the recipient of that look before. So funny! HS sounds like a crack up. I'm thankful everyday that I married someone who makes me laugh. I think my husband's goal in life is to avoid ever getting in trouble with me by making me laugh before I can get upset. Most of the time it works like a charm!

Never Settle said...

I absolutely LOVE that expression! She has amazing eyes!

I agree with your "they're dressed, aren't they?" mindset. At age 3, my son chose purple sweatpants to go with every single shirt he owned (which included the navy blue/white vertical striped button-up dress shirt AND the blue and orange horizonal striped t-shirt.) His teacher was wonderful and would comment on his outfit with such encouraging statements like "You have such a good eye for color!" and "You didn't miss a single button. Way to go!"

With children, you have to choose which battles to fight.

sraasch said...

You have one funny family. I'm guessing the phrase "never a dull moment" could describe you all well.

Anthony said...

Yanno, if I was a woman I would think Hot Stuff was hot. Better watch the little hussies in the office.

Kiersten said...

Candice--Funny is great ; )

NS--I love the image of your little boy. What a great teacher!

Sara--Too true. Especially days like today.

Anthony--Hot Stuff IS hot. And he gets hit on by the older women in his office all the time.

Gets hit on by guys sometimes, too.

It's those big blue eyes, just comes with the territory.

Bunzie said...

even though i've heard you tell that conversation with HS in the past, it still makes me laugh every time. He is such a weirdo and I love him.

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

I love your photos, great blog by the way.

Kiersten said...

Thanks, Nico!