Friday, November 14, 2008

Running in Circles

When do we stop running in circles? And no, I'm not talking about the rat race metaphor, or any sort of metaphor at all. I mean very literally when do we stop running around in circles?

I watch my kids play and they just want to move. The other night we were stuck in a building that had a hall circling the entire thing. They spent the entire hour we were there running laps and laughing like it was the greatest thing ever.

Do you remember the last time you saw a circular hall and thought, "Awesome!! I can run in circles INFINITELY!" I saw the couches in the circular hall and thought, "Awesome!! I can sit down INFINITELY!" But I can remember a time when I, too, saw those circular halls and ran in endless circles. In fact, another child was doing the same thing going the opposite directions, and we'd laugh every time we passed. And then I vaguely remember a collision and waking up on the floor with some very concerned adults standing around me.

So maybe that's when I, personally, lost the joy of movement. Along with my consciousness. But really, I do wonder when that sheer elation with our little bodies and what they can do ends. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go run around in circles in my family room, because it's SO MUCH FUN!


JaneyV said...

From what I've observed it happens around aged 7 when suddenly your height shoots up and you get really clumsy. By that age when you get any speed up you end up crashing in to everything. Daughter (who is quite short) strung it out till 9 by roller skating around our ground floor as the rooms interconnected in a big circle. I used to just sit down and watch them wear themselves out. Noisy as it was it required minimum intervention from me.

My kind of parenting!

Monnik said...

This is such a thought provoking post. Seriously! I want to know what the urge to run in circles stopped for me too.

It makes me sad that wanting to run into circles evolves into wanting to find a place to sit down.

Why does it have to do that? Oh great. Now I'm depressed. Thanks SO much. ;)

Kiersten said...

Yes, Janey, but when you've got the two, they always end up smacking into each other.

Monnik, my work here is done.

JaneyV said...

It's essential to keep a consistent direction going. It's a bit like stirring tea. You can also make small corrections like "slow down a little" and "take that bag off your head" to ensure smooth running.

Kiersten said...

Take that bag off your head! See, what a good mommy you are. I just laugh when they try to walk around with blankets over their heads and bump into walls.

The problem with directing is our family room is about the size of a shed. A very small shed.

JaneyV said...

Crash helmets?

Kiersten said...

I'm just about there.

Renee Collins said...

It's kinda sad, isn't it? Sometimes I wonder when I turned into my mother.

"Amber, slow down!"
"Be careful, Logan!"
"You two better settle down RIGHT NOW!"

For me, there is nothing better than a large, reasonably child proofed room where I can just unleash the kids and let them run wild.

Kiersten said...

See, Renee, this is why for our next home I'm thinking of buying an asylum. That way, padded rooms AND straight jackets for when they get really bad!

; )

Rychelle said...

not sure when i gave up running, but i still spin in circles all the time. ;)

Kayleigh said...

Well, for me, the fascination ended around age 17.

Haha, just kidding.

I used to love running around in circles. I would sing this song about it, too. I had this child's cassette tape that had just random child songs on it and one of them was about running around in circles, and I would just run and run. I used to pretend I could ice skate in my family room, too.

Aunty Em said...

I can't hardly even walk slowly in a circle any more - I get way too dizzy!

But that's because of these silly little pills I have to put in my mouth every day which keep my heart beating.


What happened to your agent? You didn't metion her today, I got worried.

*MARY* said...

Kayleigh, was the song called See Me Run? If it was then I had that same song, but it was on a record not a tape.

Did it go like this,
"See me ruuuuuuuuun, runing around in cirlces, running and running, running around the roooooooom."

Renee Collins said...

Kayleigh, my sisters and I used to have ice skating competitions in the kitchen. And tap dancing extravaganzas.

My mother was a very patient woman.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Not sure about circles, but I was still running, just because, when I was in college. Sort of needing to get rid of extra blech energy so I would just run, sprint really.

I had a dog who loved to run in circles if his running room was somewhat limited. Give him the outdoors, and he made a straight beeline - somewhere. My brother was the same. That's why mom kept him on a leash.

Anthony said...

Such a question has been asked/answered before. But I will relate my personal take:

I stopped running around in circles, or running around in general, when the neighbor girl went from a stick to all curvy.

Then I noticed this wonderful transformation with my other classmates of the fairer sex. When did Carrie get such gorgeous eyes? When did Jennifer suddenly turn shy and soft? Why does that little pink fuzzy sweater on Rachel look so much nicer?

I had to slow down to look at these things, of course.

Now however I find myself running in circles chasing that damn dog. He refuses to drop the stuffy-duck, so I run after him to get it. Through the kitchen, through the living room, into the hallway and to the kitchen again.

The kids find this hilarious. The dog no doubt thinks it's funny. My wife rolls her eyes. Apparently you are not supposed to play chase/fetch with your dog.

What do those people know, anyway? After a bit I will collapse from the running. The dog will come up and bonk me with the duck. Bonk. Bonk. Bonk. As soon as I try to grab it, he runs off again!

The ungrateful mutt!

Stephanie and Co. said...

Running around in circles was the only thing I was good at when I was little, which is why I continued it into adulthood (kind of, at least college), by running track. :)
Ahh the memories of See me run! My brothers and sisters and I used to put that on and run ourselves silly.
I agree with other posters that it begins with awkwardness. Our bodies become our enemies for awhile. (At least my uncoordinated sticky self was my enemy)

Kayleigh said...

Ya! Mary...oh my goodness, that's what it was! It went exactly like that. Now that song's going to be stuck in my head and I'll probably start running roommates will think I'm crazy.

And Renee, glad I'm not the only one with ice skating aspirations.

Megs said...

I SO remember "See Me Run." What a crazy song, but something in it worked because it comes with a lot of great memories. I'm sure my mom loved it too...

Kasie West said...

It's funny how all kids do this too. At FHE on monday, all 4 of my kids were running around the couch over and over and over. I'm talking my 10 year old here. I too remember doing it in my parents house. Weird. Will you do an in depth study about this phenomenon and then write a book about it.

Kiersten said...

Aunty Em--I just couldn't figure out a way to work "my agent" into this one. Thanks for bringing it up and giving me an excuse though!

Also, any pills that make your heart work = good trade for spinning in circles.

The rest--I'm glad this post triggered so many happy memories and thoughts! It's been fun to read the comments.

And Kasie, I'll delegate that book to you.

Crazy McWife said...

I went to downtown Salt Lake today, and parked in a parking garage- and I think I got a little whoozy driving in circles around and around and around.... I'm getting dizzy thinking about it!

And I love you even though you're bossy. :) LOL (And I'm kidding, btw, you're not bossy.)

writtenwyrdd said...

I recall running full tilt into a patio support pole while in kindergarten. Knocked me clean out. Then I did it again the next week. It did teach me not to just run headlong without looking where I was going; but I think it took a while longer to stop enjoying just running around.

All young things bounce with energy and run around like mad things. We grow out of it naturally, but it would be interesting to see why, now that you mention it!

Lindsey said...

Do you remember what is worse than running around in circle?! Spinning around in circles. I have distinct memories of doing so A) in Dad's chair at work, and even being thrown off, and B) while playing "tornado" with Laura and Heather. Now that is disgusting.

Kiersten said...

I believe the correct phrasing would be launched off of the chair. And you thought it was awesome, come on...

Tornado. Wow. Good times.