Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Hope I Won't Win

I often wonder if there is a hierarchy of death story status in the afterlife.

For example, one man may be basking in his newfound glory, enjoying the horrified admiration of his listeners as he tells them of how he was decapitated in an accident on the freeway. He's certain of immense popularity, until he notices another man nodding, with a smug, sly grin.

"Well," the nodder says, "That certainly sounds terrible. A quick and painless death. Boy. I'm sure glad I was bitten in half by a great white shark and bled to death in the middle of the ocean."

The decapitated man's face falls. He knows he's lost, and his crowd shifts toward the great white's dinner with a collective gasp of shock.


hot stuff said...

Clearly you have a disturbing mind (though this concept seems familiar--I think we discussed this at one point).

I've got some horriffic death stories all eminating from a Romanian steel refinery (and all magically induced by copious amounts of alcohol). However, they are so disturbing I'd rather not write them. They'd definitely rank in the top 2.3% though.

Kiersten said...

I'm sure we've talked about it, how much cooler you would be if, in the afterlife, you were killed in some odd way rather than, say, old age.

And yes, those stories would definitely earn them upper eschelon status.

Natalie said...

This reminds me of zombies. Except they don't really brag about their death stories, since it's their only living memory.

writtenwyrdd said...

A little tweaking and you'd have a great bit of flash fiction with this one. Loved it.

Just a suggestion, but if you are going to have comment moderation on, why not drop the word verification? Or you could drop the comment moderation and keep the word veri. Both is a bit cumbersome and might be a big waste of your time.

Kiersten said...

Ha, I hadn't thought of that, Natalie. This came from a conversation with a friend about a year ago, when I insisted at least a shark attack death would give you street cred in the next life.

And thanks, WW. I'm actually planning on developing it into a short, short fiction piece!

And thank you as well for reminding me about the word verification. I always thought I had it off--I hate those stupid things.

I just have comment moderation on so I don't miss comments. Oftentimes people comment on older posts, and I wouldn't see them.

Sarah Laurenson said...

You don't need comment moderation to see them. There's a place to put in your e-mail address and have all comments mailed to you. Never miss one that way and don't have to moderate. If you need help finding this, let me know and I'll poke around.

I had a wonderful dream the other day that some weird bug crawled into my belly button. As I was trying to dig it out, a lot of foamy white stuff came out. The last time I stuck my finger in, it went straight through the skin into my stomach. During all of this, I was driving my car from the passenger seat.

I get a lot of story ideas from my dreams. ;-)

Kiersten said...

Oh, goodness, that sounds pretty much the opposite of wonderful to me, Sarah!

And I know, but I do so like going to my dashboard and seeing I have comments that need moderating ; )

Whirlochre said...

Sarah's dream is fantastic.

As a scrawny kid, I once had a dream about having rippling muscles like Tarzan, and when I woke up and realized I hadn't, and that I was still a pune, I cried.

writtenwyrdd said...

I have a thing now that shows who commented most recently, and that saves a lot of missed posts and hopeful clicking. But I don't know if blogger has that or not.