Saturday, July 26, 2008

Superfluity of Naughtiness

I'll warn you right now: this post is not as interesting as the title would lead you to believe. Sorry.

But last night I was reading in James (you know, the Bible one, not the awesome jerk from Flash) and I came across Chapter 1 Verse 21, which commands one to "lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness." And frankly, I just started laughing. For me naughty means two things--my kids are being naughty (I don't want to call them bad, so naughty is nicer), or naughty as in, well, a more adult meaning. I don't really have to spell it out, do I?

So pairing naughtiness with superfluity just made me laugh. I thought it would make a good album title. Hot Stuff has always liked the name "Primal Gyrations" for a band (oddly enough, taken from a church publication in which someone was complaining about the way teenagers dance), and wouldn't that be a great follow-up album to their self-titled debut? Primal Gyrations and the Superfluity of Naughtiness Tour.

Odds are I probably didn't get the message I was supposed to in my scripture study last night.

Another section I just can't read without laughing is from another book of scripture. This chapter uses the phrase "fruit of [my, his] loins" TWENTY-ONE times. When Hot Stuff and I used to read chapters together every night before bed (now we just read verses as a family) we could never get through this one without laughing. Thanks, Lehi, we get it--loins, fruit, yup. I just, well, eew. Couldn't you say kids? Descendents? Anything else?

So, even reading the scriptures is more fun with me around. Less reverent, but more fun.

(Happy 100th post, ya'll. Thanks for liking me.)


Natalie said...

Yay! Happy 100th post. That's funny--never noticed the loins thing. I'll probably bust up next time I read that chapter now!

Renee Collins said...

In junior high, my girl friends and I wanted to start a girl rock band called Venus Flytrap.

Trouble was no one had, or knew how to play an instrument, so the idea fizzled in the planning stage.

100 posts! Way to go! That's almost exactly twice as many as me. And you started your blog after me.

Way to show me up.

Kiersten said...

Yeah, it's a very awkward chapter, Natalie.

Bands are always more fun to plan than to actually do. Not that I would know from experience though.

And actually, Renee, I have another blog that I've been doing for almost a year now. Unfortunately that one gets very little attention these days. And the book review blog, too.

Then again, showing you up is pretty much my goal. After all, if I can do something better than a Who's Who Among Business and Professional Women in the Greater North American Region, that's pretty cool.

Nick said...

Hey I just listened to "A bad dream" by Keane and I thought about Flash, though if might make more sense if Tom Chaplin were a girl.

Kiersten said...

Bwa ha ha! I love hearing when people relate things to Flash. You just made my day. Are you and Natalie the coolest couple ever, or what?

I'll have to check out the song.

Kiersten said...

Oh, I already know that song, duh...

Interesting! I had never connected that one to Flash, but it's in the Pandora playset that I listened to constantly while writing. Funny how that works.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Make the most of your scripture. Ha ha! Good one!

Kiersten said...

Yeah, I always find way more entertainment than is intended.

writtenwyrdd said...

Yes, that term 'fruit of my loins' is so strange!

So this is your 100th post? Congrats!

I can imagine the irreverence when you are reading Song of Solomon for your bedtime reading, lol.

Kiersten said...

lol, WW. Actually, we don't think that the Song of Solomon is inspired (it barely made the cut when they were putting together the scriptures way back when) so I don't really bother studying that one. Not that Solomon's lover isn't interesting and all, but, well, she isn't.

Spinch said...

I think I may have to change my band's name in Rock Band to that. It beats "Emergency Pants?" by a wide margin.

Kiersten said...

Primal Gyrations, or Superfluity of Naughtiness?

Both sublimely awesome options.

But the ? really makes that band name, I think.

Spinch said...

Superfluity. I also considered "Professor Inconceivable and His Astounding Clockwork Chrononauts" but I didn't want to type all of that in.

Kiersten said...

Wise decision. Best save your energy for the game.

And I'm so glad you appreciate Superfluity as much as I do.