Friday, July 25, 2008

Querily, Querily, Querily, Querily

Life is but a dream. Or a nightmare, if you are in the process of querying. Another day, another query.

Natalie and I have been going back and forth commiserating with each other about the querying process (only about forty emails to each other yesterday). While I like agents, I hate querying; it's the worst mix of dread, excitement, anticipation, and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENING. And the most awful part is finally opening your email to see 1 Unread (I have an email address I use just for querying) and those few seconds of stomach clenching horror until you actually open it and see that yes, in fact, you have been rejected. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.

Querying crushes my soul.

But how's your day going?


Natalie said...

Really good! Really.

Only one nit-picky thing: He's in charge of training her to control the flashes, but she's seen him before; every night in her dreams for the last three years she’s been in love with him.

Can you break up that sentence? Feels clunky to me.

Renee Collins said...

This is really good. You did a great job at adjusting the query to feedback. That's awesome.

I too have one little nit: Sarah is nonetheless drawn in, unable to resist how she'll eventually feel for him.

It's kinda confusing. What about:

Sarah is nonetheless drawn in, unable to reisist those same feelings that she foresaw in her dream.

Natalie said...

Ah yes, like you said--nothing like the smell of rejection in the morning.

Got another today, wee! At least I have over 10 back now. 14 to go...

Renee Collins said...

Oh Kiersten, don't be crushed.

*gives a hug*

You still have a lot of agents that haven't responded and a lot that you haven't queried. Cheer up. You've got an amazing story! People will take notice.

Another reason to cheer up, you have the most amazing event of your life just weeks away. That event: meeting me.

Kiersten said...

Okay, Renee, that one made me laugh out loud.

And it's true. I haven't even begun to get rejected yet. Bring it on, Agents. Bring it on.

Sarah Laurenson said...

My good friend, Sue Alexander, passed away recently. At her memorial, they talked about her over 200 rejections prior to being published. She had quite a good writing career and was instrumental in getting SCBWI up and running.

My day is good. I have time to write and a relatively clear desk to write on. I'm really good.

Kiersten said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend, Sarah. And wow, 200. I don't know if I could make it that long! I think I'd keep writing but give up trying to get published.

And yup, those sound like the ingredients to a good day! I've got some freelance work to get done this weekend. Not fun, but it pays.

freddie said...

I didn't get to comment on your latest revision, but it sounds like it was great!

Chin up, girl. An acceptance will come when you least expect it.

Never Settle said...

Kiersten says, "that one made me laugh out loud."

Funny that people now use that phrase "laugh out loud" because before AOL went to flat rate (and now free) and the rest of the internet got on the instant chat band wagon, that was never spoken or written. People would just say they laughed and the rest of us would assume it was out loud. hehe

I read the original query and all the comments on EE. I think the story sounds very interesting and definitely something I would pick up to read based on that. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE to read?) Don't be discouraged by the rejection letters. I hear the average is 14 rejections for every request, but I don't have facts to back this up.

What you have is good! I'm sure the complete book is even better! Don't let someone else keep you from pursuing this dream!

writtenwyrdd said...

It is always difficult to deal with the emotional stuff surrounding being judged. I hope to hear good news about your project soon, though.

Kiersten said...

Thanks, WW and NS. I get discouraged pretty easily. Time to start writing a new book ; )