Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Tangle" Available for Order

For anyone interested, you can send in an order for the Leading Edge issue featuring "Tangle." Follow this link and order a single issue. You can specify #55 May 2008 to make certain you get the right one. It will ship this week!

I should get my copies on Wednesday; I'm quite excited.

Also, please don't feel like you have to order one. I don't get any money besides the payment for the story, so it doesn't help or hurt me either way. But the journal is usually pretty fun, and I'm very pleased with "Tangle."

And WW, I think you missed the post where I announced you as the winner of the contest. Please email me and we'll figure out how you want me to get it to you!


Renee Collins said...

I'm ordering mine. :)

BTW, I had a funny dream last night that I went to the library and I checked out a copy of your book and Natalie's book.
The cover of "Tut" had a hologram of that pyramid with the eye in it, the one on the back of the dollar bill.
Anyway, I read your books and then I met you both and just couldn't stop gushing about how fantastic your stories were.
Perhaps a prophetic dream. :)

Kiersten said...

Let's hope so. Have you ever had any psychic/future-predicting abilities manifest before?

But you should be BUYING a copy, not checking it out from the library...come on, Renee, I'll need the royalties!

Natalie said...

Renee that's awesome, talk about writing on the brain. I had a dream about zombies last night. And I saw Iron Man today and all I could think was that Gwyneth Paltrow looked exactly like one of my zombies, just needed to be a touch paler.

I and getting one too! Can't wait to read it.

Renee Collins said...

Well, I can't say I've ever had any prophetic ability.
I was SURE that my daughter was going to be a boy, but perhaps that's just an indication of my lack of mother's instinct.